Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Christmas filled day!

Yesterday Lance and I took Maddox to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa!!

We chose Grapevine, because I needed to pick up a gift in South Lake on the way-- and they always have a lot of other things for the kids to do in the winter wonderland part.

We got there about 3:00-- just to find out that Santa didn't come out until 5:00.

I hate Bass Pro.  (30 minutes is about my max time that I can enjoy myself.)
2 hours, with an excited 2 year old, was more than I bargained for.

Luckily, we could still go into Santa's workshop area and waste some time there... and there were only a few other kids there a million years early so Maddox got to play with pretty much everything.

We got to drive remote control trucks, race cars on a track, shoot laser guns at targets, color Christmas pictures and shoot bows and foam arrows.

We got our "5:00 voucher"  about 4:20 and by 4:30 we started forming a line.  By 5:00 there were probably 100 people waiting behind us.
40 minutes, waiting in the same area... was testing to my patience.
And Maddox's.
Luckily, I packed snacks.

Santa showed his face about 5:10 and they got the show on the road.

We were maybe 7 people back, and I was nervous about Maddox watching all the screamers ahead of us.
He said, "that boy's very sad mommy"... and I just tried to change the subject.

Lance and I spent the majority of the time in time talking about how excited we were to see Santa and asking Maddox what he wanted to ask Santa for.

By the time it was our go, he was like a rocket-- ready to explode!

He ran up the red carpet to Santa and was spouting off his list before he could even touch him!!
(I wish sooooo bad, that I would have videoed it!)

We did not get a good-smiling picture... because Maddox could not stop talking... but we weren't screaming either-- so I guess I can't complain!!

Santa handed him is candy cane--
And we were off to the Merry go round!
We rode this twice...
There wasn't a line so we got to ride back to back!

We left Bass Pro and headed to the Mills to get the Choo-choo a couple of presents.
He fell asleep in his stroller so we had dinner at Chili's too in the mall...

We left, and drove around and saw Christmas lights.
(I tried to take some pictures of lights but when I put my camera on 'night-mode' they were blurry-- and on auto, they were ugly)

Then we made it home in time to watch Eat, Pray, Love.  (that we had rented the night before.)

Yesterday was a fabulous day!
A fabulously-Christmasy-filled-day!

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