Friday, December 31, 2010

I pooped today.

My mom told me that I have not blogged enough about this pregnancy...
But I don't know that there's a lot to talk about... just yet.

If I'm honest, at times it is forgetable.
In translation; it is easy.

I usually have to look at my calender to remember what week mark we are in.
(We will be 25 weeks on Monday-- I just looked)
I knew down to the day with Maddox.
I even had to look up my due date the other day!!

In the last 2 weeks, stranger-comments have changed.
It was: "you're pregnant?!"
Or if I said I was having a boy: "You already know what you are having?  You aren't even showing!"

"look at that bump!"
And even, "you ready to have that baby?"

Seriously, in two weeks.
I am now officially showing.

I don't mind the bump.
I like it better than the mid-ground...
I love how Lance rubs it alot.
It makes me feel pretty and secure.
You know the feeling when your husband puts his hand on the small of your back when you are entering the room...
I think it is an equivalent feeling.

I love that Maddox is still a bit confused on the whole idea...
He tries to pour water in my belly button during our bath because "he's thirsty!"
and the other day he went and got a spoon to cover my belly button because "he was hiding!"

I love being pregnant.
It is just so easy on me.

He kicks a lot.
Typically at night.
He is most active between midnight and 1:00 am.
Luckily I am a night owl,
so most nights I enjoys his little movements.

I have nothing to complain about...
Well, except the poop.
I still can't go....
It drives me crazy.
I don't think it is a bad as my last pregnancy... because I haven't cried about it yet.
But it isn't comfortable, either.
I pooped today.
It is kind of a big deal! 

I already love this little boy.
Who is 90% named...
(but we still aren't sharing until its 100%)

I am 100% that we will be going with this: bedding
I really wanted it with Maddox, but I talked myself out of it because it is very baby-ish and I wanted something more toddler-friendly...
The truth of the matter is, Maddox is now a toddler and I am already over his bedding...
So I might as well go with my original choice.

I am ready to back in our Haslet home, solely so I can start the nursery.
It was already started by this point with Maddox.
The second is just different.
Though different, this boy will be equally as loved.

Although, sometimes I still wonder if it is really a girl.
[Or maybe I fantasize it.]
My food cravings are so different this pregnancy.
I want sweets.

I'm happy about another penis in our house,
really, I am.....
I can't imagine Maddox being a girl.
I wouldn't change him a bit--
and I definitely would not want him to be a her...
He is perfect.

And Baby Boy E will be too.

I think I mourned the loss of the hair bow.
And leggings.
And rhinestones.

9 days out of 10, it doesn't effect me...
but randomly, I will see a petite little girl with long, dark, shiny hair and I instantly swell with tears.

Next time.

And there will be a next time.

Nothing pisses me off more than when people try to tell me why I shouldn't have more.
Typically it comes from people who only have 2 kids.
I wonder if it is because that is what they know-- it is what they are comfortable with--
or because maybe subconsciously they are jealous.  They wish they had more?

I think it blows my mind, because I have to wonder why folks feel entitled to share on something that effects them in zero ways...
I don't make my child other people's priority.... my mom keeps him 2 nights a week while I work and if any any point she said she could not do that any more we would develop another plan....
And if she has something else going on... we do figure it out!

I have left Maddox over night less than 5 times...
And he is almost 2 1/2 years old.
Lance and I have had 2 date nights since his birth.
No one has ever paid my bills...
We don't depend on state help...
It rocks my world that people feel that they can give me their unwanted opinions on the matter.
We are good people.
Maddox is a good boy.
We parent well.
Why stop here?

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  1. Your bump is cute!

    Congrats on the poop! That is a big deal!

    I can't wait for you to announce Baby E's official name!

    If you have the resources - have those babies! Your life will be more filled with each little smile! Who cares what other people think!

    I love your blogs! But your mom is right, you haven't mentioned this baby much - I too forget sometimes that I'm pregnant!