Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am a horrible challenge do-er.

Day 7
My favorite movies:

I hardly ever watch movies-- literally our date night last night was the first time Lance and I had been in a theater in over 2 years!!
I'm not a huge movie-watcher and I rarely ever watch a movie twice...
Here's a few I would:
The Notebook.
The Blind Side.
Remember Me.
Pretty Woman.
Corina Corina.
Simon Birch

Day 8
My favorite place I have traveled:
I got to go on some cool vacations as a kiddo and Lance and I have had a few fun vacations together as a couple, but as for my favorite vacation ever---
I guess would have to be our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic.
It was beautiful.
And fun.
And our honeymoon...

Day 9
Pics of my friends:


 I know I left some people out...
but my external hard drive is not in here...
sorry!  :(

Day 10
Something I am afraid of:

I don't even want to go into it...
My biggest fear is something will happen to my child that I can't control.
Or worse, something that I could have controlled but wasn't on my game and a mistake happened.
I'm done talking about it.

Day 11
My favorite TV shows:

I rarely watch live tv.
Unless it is sports, or maybe The Talk or Dr Phil that I catch live while folding laundry or something.

Be ready to be dumbed down.  I watch mostly things that do not make me think.
My DVR list includes:
The Office
Modern Family
The Real Housewives of.... all of them!
16 and Pregnant
Married to Rock
Teen Mom

I am an entire season behind on Greys-- so I guess I am kind of over it.

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  1. lol - yes, you are a horrible challenge do-er!! ;-) But at least my picture made the friends day. That's all that matters :) (now thinking about it- I need to update that day..... I, like you, get really behind on these things.... and I tried to do my 4 or so days in about 5 minutes... because that's all the time I had with a toddler coloring on my walls and an infant screaming and pulling on my leg.)