Friday, November 1, 2013

Hallowen 2013

Sometimes I do dumb things, like wake up from a sound sleep to tell Lance how to spend his life insurance policy if I were to die.
I am not sure why I do things like that, but what you probably don't know is that Lance has anxiety too…
Thankfully his worries are almost always on different platforms than mine, so we aren't usually drowning on the same subjects.
It was 6:30 Thursday morning and though he agreed to not buy a bunch of dumb crap that I keep him from buying on the daily, and agreed that paying off our home loan and using it as a rental for some income was a good idea-- 
he didn't want to leave.

So he woke up Maddox and took a piece of "us" with him.
They ran errands all the way to Carrollton and Beckham and I slept in.

I had planned on picking Maddox up from Lance around noon and Candace asked if we wanted to join her and a cute little puppy dog for lunch.
It only made sense to accept the offer… we were already in the area!

Our little hens were the only kids in costume, and created lots of oohs and ahhs in the dining room.

Beckham took his costume very seriously and refused to take it off to eat or even play in the play center.

I surprised Maddox with his costume at the store and of course he had to put it right on and show it off!
We were bummed to see that the mustache had been taken from our set, and Maddox was over the inflatable belly pretty quickly.

We ran to Dollar General and to WalMart searching for a mustache to purchase.
Apparently a local school had "mustache day" the day before and there wasn't lip-hair for miles.

Which is probably fine because Maddox was specific as to what Mario's mustache looks like.
"It goes up-down-up-down… not down-up-down-up", he said...
He even made me stare at a picture of Mario when I drew it on to make sure I got it right!

Again, they were the only kiddos in costume, so they go to impromptu trick-or-treat in the WalMart from a few employees!

Every year, we have gone to Bridgeport to trick-or-treat with our cousins.
We honestly weren't sure where or what the kids were going to do this year down to the last hour that we went out.

David stopped by on his way home to see the kids outfits and mom stayed and walked the streets with us.
Call was great, and we realized that we have been doing it wrong every year!

Our community really does Halloween up right.
The people were so friendly, the kids got about 10 times the candy (that they do not need) and it wasn't crowded at all.

It reminded me of what trick or treating in the movies looks like.

Our neighbor Kelly got the boys each a special prize; a Mario tin full of candy for Maddox and a funny teeth sucker for B.

After one block, I had to take a detour back for the jogging stroller because Beckham started complaining that his belly hurt.
He would ride, hop out and say "trick or treat" at every house…
and Maddox reminded him to say "thank you" at every door if he wasn't quick enough.

The poor little thing was called a girl all night, as people gushed about how cute "she" was.
I didn't correct them…
and Beckham didn't seem to notice as all of his energy was put into picking out just one piece of candy without taking off his mitten with no fingers.

We all got tickled when a little doll about Beckham's age, dressed as Minnie Mouse came walking up with her bag of loot.
I said, "look B!  It's Minnie!", He turned around star-struck and just simply and without much enthusiasm, said, "whoa."

Some of our friends in the community, along with a few of their neighbors created a haunted house out of their garages.
They let you in a family at a time and toned it way down for us.
It was really neat!
Kelly kept Beckham while we went in, but one garage was enough for Maddox and he decided to bail out!

We slid over to Sonic for 50 cent corn dogs after the festivities and Beckham decided to bail out on it all, on the ride home!

Halloween 2013 was definitely my favorite.
Probably because both of my kids are now old enough to truly enjoy themselves…
and also because I finally splurged and let them actually be their favorite characters.
It was money well spent.

Now just for fun, here's a Halloween flashback:


Where has time gone?

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  1. Those pics are too precious. When your kids read this 10 or 20 years from now, it'll be one of their favorite memories.