Sunday, November 10, 2013

oh November

Historically, November is a stressful month for me.
It took me a few years to realize it, but everything always seems harder in November.

Time, finances, too much to do…
allergies, cooler weather,
and my marriage has made the list a few times as well.

I have acknowledged my stressors, however, and I am going into this month more prepared!

I promised Lance that I am not going to worry about the money.  We have it, Christmas comes every year… no need to make it a worry that it doesn't have to be.

I am not going to worry about the rush.  We will make it where we can, when we can, and since it is absolutely impossible to make every single place, exactly when it was planned to be-- we will do the best we can, and not worry too much past that.

And the biggest promise I made:
I am not going to take any stress that somehow fights its way past the gates I listed above, out on my husband.
And more than that,
I am not going to let the boys feel any of that nonsense either.
I want them to have memories of jolly holidays and fun times with family, not stress and bitterness and chaos.

That sweet boy of mine said a simple prayer the other night...
After he thanked God for each family member he said, "and dear God, thank you for letting me have such a happy life".

God assigned me a complex job in being a mother,
one that I fail often...
but I am so glad that Maddox is happy.
That was a God-hug for Lance and I.

November has gotten off to a great start!

Maddox had his last soccer game of the season last Saturday.
We went to Esperanzas for breakfast after the game, and then on to Mom and Dave's that afternoon.

We shot a few of Lance's dad's new guns, rode the 4wheeler, played dominoes and mom and I got crafty.

The boys and I decided to stay the night, and mom and I spent the next day making bracelets.
While the boys played...
Or worked...
Or battled each other with some metal rod things designed to pop an eye out....
depending on who you ask!

Monday night, Maddox had his end of the year award ceremony for soccer.
He received his first ever trophy, which he was pretty stoked about...
And the juggling act was pretty neat too!

As a mommy, however, the highlight of my evening was when Maddox decided to donate his jersey to a Mission for a group of kids in Honduras.
We had told him that it was an option while we were getting ready and he immediately said, "no daddy,  I want to keep it."  He must have been thinking about it our entire drive there though, because as soon as we pulled up he said, "Is it okay if I change my mind?  I want to give my jersey to another kid so he can play too."  We told him that we were so proud of his big decision, and we could tell that he was pretty proud of himself too, as he pulled his jersey off and put it into the box.

Tuesday, wasn't quite as exceptional to start...

I was folding towels and watching B dress up in belts and boots while Maddox played Star Wars Legos -- when I got a phone call from my boss asking me if I was almost to the office.

I had completely written the day down wrong and I was supposed to be teaching a luncheon at the office.
In which I live 45 minutes away from.
It was already catered and the other nurse's schedules had been blocked for the meeting.
I felt so terrible, but without showers, or anyone to watch the boys-- We clothed, sped and somehow made it to the last half while my sister from another mister, Candace, took the first half for me on a last minute whim!

It ended up going really well and I couldn't have been more proud of the boys!  They were quiet and still and just perfect, honestly.
(although I should probably give half the credit to electronics!)

We love us some electronics!

Friday, I woke with an urge to chop off my hair.
I subsided the urge by cutting my bangs instead… that I have been growing out… since July.

And we met up with Lance for Lunch at his store… who told me that he liked them better before… once they were already gone… and there was no way to make them come back.
Oh well.

Lance had a game Friday evening,
and I had a snuggle date with two tiny hunks.

My step mom had asked if the boys could stay the night with her about a week ago.
I honestly didn't think that they would stay, since they are kind of attached to my hip and have hardly ever, never, ever, sleep anywhere- without me.

But Julie had made the brave adventure into all the cousins and Maddox told us that he wanted to stay the night and he would watch out for B, and make sure he didn't get sad for me.

I left for work at 7:00am Saturday and by the time I made it home, my ducks had already left their nest.

I knew they were busy having fun with Gunner and Ellie and took a hold of the opportunity to have a child-free evening with my husband.

We had Mi Cocina at 3:30 in the afternoon-- and kept it real wild by choosing the 6:00 movie.
Which Lance picked…
But I must say: Captain Phillips was really good!

My step mom sent me a text letting me know that they were all happy and playing...

And another at 9:00, letting me know that Ellie, Gunner, and Beckham had all crashed; and Maddox wasn't far behind.

I didn't want to go home after our movie, so we decided to go watch the rest of the Texas game at Twin Peaks.
It is new-- and we had never been,
but aside from the excess in belly bling and the VS Bombshells a'plenty; it was great.

Lance had a 28 degree beer with frozen frost and I had a drink and fried pickles.
Texas won…
We chatted with a nice couple…
and I got to wear my tortoise shell and larimar bracelet that Lance bought me on our honeymoon and I had "misplaced"for the last 7 years!

We bailed out after the game.
I was exhausted and ready for bed, and without any pediatric knees in my back,
I slept like a rock.

This morning, I should have sat, or read, or slept some more...
but instead I cleaned...
In silence.

And drank an entire cup of coffee while still hot, or without sharing a drink one with B.

The kids looked spent when I picked them up…
And Julie said they played hard.

Two minutes into the door, Beckham spilled my cherry-vanilla coke all over my freshly mopped floor and the play room was hit by an atomic bomb.

The chaos and mess and laughter and squeals are back,
The silence is gone,
and everyone is 1 inch from my face like it is their last hope at oxygen.

The pace went from zero to 4 million in a matter of minutes and we are back to reality.
My reality.
Just the way I like it!

Oh November.

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