Tuesday, November 19, 2013

no complaints November

Tomorrow we are going to ICE.
Maddox has been giving a daily countdown for a few weeks.
I love being a mom.
I love planning this fun and exciting stuff for my kids.
I love that I married a man who loves family time like I do.
I love that I am a bargain-ista and was able to get our tickets half price!
We are obviously excited.

But to keep this little blog in order, I will document the last week at midnight, and get this thing up to date!

We have had the craziest weather… ranging from tank-tops to parkas and back, twice, in a 7 day span.
We spent the day at the park.
Our little neighbor who Maddox worships came with us and there happened to be 2 other little boys there to play as well.

It was cold.
I made loaded baked potato soup and snuggled up in my heating blanket.
Lance walked in the door with a few surprises, and we made a party on the back porch.
Pictures prove a festive and fun time--
but my memory recalls more work than fun!

...Keeping tiny fingers from the fire pit, calming the metal rod from slinging a marshmallow fireball across the group, hot chocolate being too warm, someone needing mittens, constantly going in and out, hustle and bustle-- all while I was on call.
Still, I was impressed by Lance's efforts.
Two and five is just busy.

We stayed home the entire day, lounged out watching movies and reading books.

Thursday we met Candace and Audrey to jump.

Chickfila and a haircut for Lance afterward.
I talked him into a more "hip" cut and I am kind of obsessed with it!

Friday my mom came over and Maddox talked her into taking him back home with her.
Of course Beckham wasn't going to let him go alone,
and mom snagged up Gunner and Ellie too, for the night.

Lance had softball games that night and it was too late of notice to get a girl's dinner together,
so I did something that I am not sure I have done since becoming a mom.

You know me well enough to know that I spent a little of my time cleaning…
I also renewed my CPR online.
But mostly I did not one thing at all.
…and it was quite lovely.

Saturday I worked.
Lance rode into FTW with his dad and I picked him up at the gun show when I got off.
We had lunch together on the way to mom's at Mexican Inn, and then made our way to the kids.
We ended up riding around their land and watching movies until midnight, before we finally went home.

Sunday Lance worked.
I was sick that entire morning but took a turn to better by 3:00.
Lance had his final softball game that evening, and I was looking forward to going.
They won the first game but lost the 2nd.

My sister drove out to watch (and by "watch" I mean watch me-- because we were playing the jack-hole who likes to talk ugly to my husband… and I was prepared to pull his ears right off of his head if he pulled any crap like he did the last time that they played each other.)
There was no ugliness though, so all was well.
Other than the loss, of course!

She stayed the night, and Monday was her 22nd birthday.

We spent the day on the couch watching movies and then met the whole family at The Olive Garden for dinner.

That evening Beckham and Lance fought the potty once again…
but this time, Lance finally won!

I have a bucket of cheap toys for little things like this and he picked a blue ball.
He has carried it around since and even woke up during the night crying for it last night!
We have praised and praised and praised…
Just crossing our fingers this is the start to something.

Today Lance was home by 3:00.
He played cars with the boys while I made a big dinner.

Unfortunately call was a mess so I didn't get to eat with them…
but my gem of a husband did clean the kitchen while I got caught up, so I can hardly complain.

Tomorrow is ICE…
We are totally stoked.

November has treated me well.
I have no complaints.

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  1. November has been a good month... Now I am dying to know where you scored half-off tickets.. we are headed to ICE for Hunter's birthday :)