Friday, November 15, 2013

one hundred facts

This thing was going around FB and I was given the number 12.
I had to come up with 12 things that others might not know about me.
I was fun so, I thought I would share my first 12 here and then challenge myself to take the list to 100!

1. I have a fear of birds… and balloons.
2. I have to be able to see my food while I eat it.
3. I have not had one day of unemployment since my first job when I was 16, and I actually enjoy working.
4. I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up.
5. I have not had ground beef in a decade, except twice, while I was pregnant.
6. I love music and to dance.
7. I have always wanted to surrogate.
8. I rarely go to bed before midnight.
9. In my dream life I would live like a hippy; all earthy on a bunch of land, in an old farm house, with a huge garden, a
nd our own chickens… except my hippy house would have a closet full of expensive shoes and fabulous bags. 

10. I hate to be cold.
11. My favorite hobby is laughing.  ...And I do it often.
12. I like lists, order, reason, and schedules.

13. I hate to spend money.  Even things like gas and groceries give me anxiety.
14. I love a clean house.
15. I am not a great driver.  I have driven one car down a river and another into my own house-- while my husband was watching.
16. I was engaged at 19.  Married by 22.
17. I would love to have 4 children.
18. I talk to my mom every day.
19. I am not an animal person.  I try not to admit that, because to some people it makes you sound like a serial killer.
20. I love vegetables.
21. and home cooking.
22. I always thought I would grow up and be an actress.  Sometimes I still secretly think it is going to happen.
23. I have lived on my own, paying big people bills and contributing to a 401k since I was 20 years old.
24. I vote straight republican ballot, although I think same sex marriage should be legalized. 
25. I do not have any tattoos.  I do find them interesting and cool, but I can't stand the thought of it being permanent.
26. I have commitment issues.
27. I am not competitive or athletic.  I do enjoy the outfits however.
28. My vertical jump is worse than my 2 year olds. 
29. Pinesol makes me happy.
30. I feel that you can never have too many monogrammed pieces, too many glasses of sweet tea, I always have the ceiling fan on and I like to cuss when I am mad.  I am born and raised in Texas, if you can't tell...
31. Both of my kids have last names for first names.
32. Holly is actually my middle name.
33. I love Jimmy Fallon, Wendy Williams, Bethany Frankle, and anything on BRAVO.
34. I rarely sit down when I am home.
35. I wish more than anything that I could sing or play an instrument.
36. I make my bed, as soon as I get up each morning-- and can not get into a bed that is not made.
37. I drink a cup of coffee every morning, and Beckham gets at least 2 drinks from every cup!
38. I don't think that I am a very compassionate person.  I have zero tolerance for people who abuse themselves with drugs or alcohol or medications.  I pray that my children never choose any of these things not only because of their detriment, but because I have no desire to help self destructive people and I fear that I would turn my back on them.  
39. I believe that Lance and I both married our eternal best friends, but not necessarily our soul mates.
40. I am not a huge fan of chocolate, however I can eat my weight in chocolate covered strawberries.
41. I am told that I look like my Nana, and I take it as a compliment.
42. I worry every day if I am a good enough momma and it makes me feel guilty when other girls tell me that they want to be a mom like me.  ...because I mess up daily.
43. I do not have a green thumb.
44. I am an exceptional deal finder and refuse to pay full price for clothing.  
45. I married a good man.  He honestly loves me unconditionally.  For better and worse.  Against all and everyone. In good times and in bad. …12 years later, it is still hard to comprehend.
46. I hate change.
47. I hate to talk on the phone, and rarely answer phone calls.  I am quick to text, however.
48. I love to be creative and feel that I am capable of doing most things a man can do.  I refuse to do them however, because I have enough shit on my list. :)
49. I have planned my husbands life for him, if I were to die.  …Who I would want him to marry, how I want him to spend the life insurance money, and what I expect for the boys.  It is kind of creepy, but I feel the need to do it.
50. I have a huge head.  I was made fun of it in school and called alien-head.  I once told Maddox about it, as a point to prove something else.  Randomly, he still brings it up just to tell me that it hurts his feelings for me.  Partly it makes me love his sweet heart, and partly it still hurts to hear-- even from the mouth of a 5 year old who adores me.   
51. I have sincerely great friends in my adult life.  Genuinely good people, who make this world a better place.  I cling to each of them for different things, and I use them in my day to day life even when they do not know I do or I don't talk to them for months.  Each one, inspire me in different ways. 
52. My hair is as fine as a 2 year old and if it is down, you can guarantee I am wearing clip in extensions of human hair to thicken it.  
53. I have not seen my natural hair color on my head since the 90's.  I think it is similar to my brothers color though, dirty blonde/ mousy brown.
54. I love to make other people happy… even if it is just smiling or making quick conversation with a stranger.
55. I am pro life.
56. The sound of my kids praying makes my heart swell like a sail.
57. My eyes are my favorite feature about myself.
58. My teeth are my least favorite.
59. I don't eat seafood.
60. Or hotdogs, bologna, and smooched together chicken nuggets.
61. I am not very patient.  
62. I am not a very good speller, and hardly ever proof-read. Which is unfair, since I red-pen most statuses in my head when I read them. 
63. When I am cleaning a room, I like to turn a lamp on when I am finished.  I love lamps.
64. I don't wear lipstick.  Just chapstick or gloss.
65. I love 90s rap.  Word for word, I can still spit a beat.
66. I have a overabundant obsession with the need to be fair.  Obviously, I am the middle child.
67. I do not believe that mint and chocolate should go together.
68. I claim to be simple, but things like the heated leather seats, automatic windshield wipers, remote start and the backup camera on my car makes my heart swoon.
69. I don't 'do' scary.
70. I cry easily and get my feelings hurt easily.
71. I secretly share funny (and sometimes inappropriate) things with Candace on the daily.  It is kind of like my adult time each night.
72. I still feel home when I go home… even though I have never lived in the home my parents do now.
73. I love old stories and rehashing memories.  Even if they aren't mine.
74. I have never been camping in a tent.
75. I hate to vacuum, but not as much as I hate laundry.
76. I don't wear perfume.  All girl fragrances smell yuck on me-- and I assume it would be weird if i wore men's cologne?!
77. I cut my boys hair myself.  I have an ungodly amount of friends (and family) who are hairdressers so I try to not make this public knowledge.  I justify it by reminding myself that they wear a hat most of the time and I live by the same logic when I cut it too short.
78. I also color my own hair, all but about once a year when I splurge and treat myself to a discounted cut and color from my fabulous sister-in-law.
79. I have amazing sister-in-laws.  They are not only family, but my friends too. 
80. I always eat the burnt piece or pretend to not be hungry if I can tell there won't be enough.  I get up approximately 3 times during dinner to cater to take someone potty, get more tea, or fetch a condiment.  I watched my mom do this my entire life-- and never even realized the day I had transformed myself to her.
81. I have a crazy need to befriend people and please others.  Maddox is the same way and I wish I could take that from him, because it can be a very exhausting and heart-aching.  
82. My sister is one of my best friends.  Unfortunately it took us most of our lives to get here. 
90. I bought more pedicures in the last year for other people than I did myself.  But before I sound like a patriarch, I only bought myself one.  (and was gifted two.)
91. I am inappropriate and annoying sometimes and a drip of alcohol in my veins turns "sometimes" into the "entire time".  
92. My OB/GYN told me "nurture trumps nature" when I was pregnant with Maddox.  I took it for truth and parent by that standard… I rarely leave my children for many reasons, but mainly because they are mine-- and my opportunity to raise and mold into good people.  
93. I eat ketchup on my tacos.  Minus the meat, of course.
94. I think that convicted sex offenders should be eligible for death row.
95. No one in this world annoys me like my husband does.  He is like living with a 14 year old child.  He is also the funniest person I know.
96. I was on a team who went to Nationals in FHA as an 8th grader or parliamentary procedure, and won.  I also went to Nationals in cheerleading as a sophomore… although we didn't have the same results!
97. I am very anxious when it comes to my children.  I blog because it is a way to tattoo every step into something concrete… hopefully slowing the process of them growing up.  I love to see them learn and mature but I hate the process at the same time.  Almost daily I worry about the day that I won't be able to physically pick them up anymore; which is weird.
98. Pinterest has turned me into a pretend virtual shopper for almost everyone I know.  Like I think that I could style them and decorate their houses for them, just by what they pin.  I am also pretty sure which ones are madly in love and which ones are looking to hit the road.     
99.  I believe in the greater good and that small efforts can cause great change.   
100. I honestly love my life and am bewildered by God's graciousness to let me live the life that I do.


  1. Such fun Holly! I need to comment on:
    #25 never...I just don't get it?!
    #47 Me either...and I feel bad about this!
    #67 & # 64 me either!
    #65 90's rap rules! Word.
    #76 I never wear it either- yuk.
    #79 jealous
    #93 you are not right!
    #95 I could say the exact same thing!

  2. I'll never understand your meatless tacos, with ketchup....but I still love you! :)
    I feel the exact same way about animals, and you described it perfectly.
    Talking on the phone, buying gas and groceries...those all give me great anxiety.
    I think I've camped in a tent once, and I'll never do it again. Most miserable, cold, uncomfortable night of my life.
    #70 is me too, although the older I get, I do still cry often, but my feelings are hurt less, because I don't let them be any longer. But it has taken me a long time to get to this place.
    love this.
    you make me smile.