Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lightroom and crap

My mom had planned on getting me Lightroom for Christmas but they put out an offer for LR plus PS for $9.99 /mo-- which is a crazy good deal.
So I jumped on the offer myself-- and since I was already paying almost that every month for pic monkey, I didn't feel guilty!
[Here is a link to the offer if you are interested.]

I haven't even opened Photoshop yet because I have heard about it's complexity, and I have been making myself nutty already watching videos and trying to learn LR.

It is a lot.
Very time consuming.

And since I still don't even know how to take a great picture with my camera (that I bought 5 years ago), I certainly am not looking to take over the world of photography…
but I would like to be able to take fun pictures of my boys.
With something other than my coveted iPhone camera.
And to edit them.
To my own likings.
Whenever I want.

If you know me, however, I am an instant gratification kind of girl--
and I am getting very little gratification so far.
I like clean and clear pictures.
crisp and airy….
with little or no noise.
Which seems simple.

So far I have found that it is not...
That's a skill.
And it isn't on my radar yet.
As a matter of fact-- my people are still jaundiced in my after pics,
but I am learning.

So I am preparing you for a non stop trail of pictures of my boys…
dressed up and miserable.
Crappy pictures, out of focus
and over edits…. as I learn this.

There will probably be lots.
You were warned.

Yesterday we planned on going to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree but after 2 minutes in a field trying to get a few pictures…
I realized we would not last 2 hours in those arctic temperatures.

So instead we went to Cabela's and bought Christmas presents for the men…
And we went to dinner.

And then I spent the rest of my night playing with these pictures...

Really only 100% happy with that close up shot of Maddox...
And face-timing Candi for tips and tricks and help!

She hasn't even gotten grumpy one time yet-- and I have texted her no less than 2 million questions!
She even edited these 2 for me because I was so frustrated!

She is a gem like that!

Now, for the "crappy" part in the title-- I must update.
Beckham has not sported a diaper in over a week.
Which sounds like a "yay"…

Remember that Lance and him fought it out last Monday and then again on Wednesday… both times taking him right at an hour of sitting before he surrendered.
He sat for a little over TWO hours on Friday with me.
Which almost sounds like child abuse, but he wasn't crying-- we played with toys and I even fed him his lunch like a baby, from the toilet before he finally gave in.

I talked to his pediatrician on Saturday when I worked and she offered a potty psychologist consult-- which is nuts that they even exist-- and I declined.  I really think that we are right on the brink--
And at this point, I think I am going to have to stay with it and not go backwards to the diapers-- even if he cries and begs…
or takes 3 hours.
He has been "potty trained" now for four months except for the five minutes every other day that he sports the Pamper, and I think it is time we call this thing done--
however, I don't always have 2 hours to put into this so I have been a little anxious about it.

Tonight he asked to go.

He didn't mention the diaper, just grabbed the baseball potty out of the closet and sat down.
Maybe two minutes later, probably less, I popped my head in the door and asked if he was going and he said yes!
He had already pooped!

I was so proud…
We called Lance who praised him…
Maddox slid in for the high five…

And then Beckham went into the living room and crouched behind the recliner and pooped a little more in his underwear.      

In. his. underwear.

Do I stick with this new agenda, and go backwards to possible accidents??
Do I call that a fluke and just make him sit longer to assure that he is done-- but keep moving forward with the potty?
Do I just go back to the dang diapers where it is quick, confident and complete?
Do I call this potty psychologist?

What do I do with this crap?
Pun intended.

Maddox was exactly 2 and a half before he was completely potty trained…
so maybe I am asking too much?
Some doctors tell you not to even start the process until three.
So if you compare him to that, he is a potting Einstein!

I guess I am going to try and push forward.

Here's to week two.


  1. I think your pictures are fantastic Holly! Your boys are always dressed so cute!
    I always hate admitting this...but Brady was 3 years and 1 month before he ever sat on the toilet. He refused and so he was in diapers...until that one day when he decided himself to try it. He never wore a diaper again and never had one accident...ever. It was so crazy that we never did the potty training thing. I guess if you wait until they are ready it is kind of easier on the mom (although somewhat embarrassing!) Try not to worry about it too much. I know it's frustrating especially when you know he is so smart...but maybe if it's not a big deal, he'll soon make up his own mind and you can laugh about it later. :)

  2. Well, I think I've said before, but Boyd was 3 1/2 when he pee trained, and he wasn't fully trained until 4 years and 1 month....and I know that might disgust some people, but it was just what worked for was when he was ready. I know your frustration!

    LOVE the pictures. You did a great job with the edits. I'd love to use Lightroom, but I'm too much of a cheapie! I had wondered if y'all made it out to the tree lighting. I am wanting to go downtown in the next couple of days with Boyd, but not sure if he'll gripe at me about the cold. I really want to go though!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family! xo