Thursday, November 21, 2013

ICE 2013

People tell me all the time that I would be in trouble if I had a girl, because of the way I dress my boys.
But in my head, she would just wear a lot of Carters with matching bows-- because I don't think it is that hard to make a little girl look stylish.

When my boys will let me, however, I like to make them look as if they are auditioning for the GAP catalog.
Maddox would prefer to wear "soft pants" though, and Beckham would prefer to wear a hat that doesn't match anything we have… so these times are not as often as I would like them.

Since they looked so dang cute before ICE, in the skinny jeans that Lance can't believe I bought, I drug them out for a few pictures before we left!

And a few more with my cell phone…
because they're the most handsome things I have ever seen!
(I can say that... I birthed them)

And then on to ICE at the Gaylord.
Which I will be honest…
I hardly saw any of.

I didn't even realize it until I was defrosting my frozen fingertips and de-clothing everyone's layers, that I was so busy making sure everyone was accounted for in a sea of blue,
that I missed most every piece of chizzled ice.

I am sure it was nice.

It had to be…
Maddox even claimed that his favorite part was the iced out baby Jesus.

So there you go.

We went to El Fenix afterward with my Aunt Missy, Uncle Mike, my cousin Amber, and her two girls.
It was a site to be seen, no doubt.
First of all, Beckham was in rare form.
I am not sure if he accidentally fell into a bowl of methamphetamine or what, but that child wouldn't stop.
He was talking a million miles an hour, flicking beans on everyone near, dipping his chip into queso and then back into the chip basket, aggravating Kyleigh and Maddox and just being a rotten turd!

The waitress took a tumble just before she reached our table and half of our dinner went into the floor.
She was embarrassed, we were telling her it was okay, (secretly happy that my uncle's food made it since he would have been the one to get crazy) and Maddox kept asking, "but what happened?" over and over and over to a girl who already wanted to cry…
In the mean time, my cousins tiny baby reached up and got a packet of Sweet and Low and was eating it like it came from Gerber, and while Missy was trying to clean up that situation, she grabbed her tea glass and spilled it everywhere.

My aunt was lodged between the kids and looked like she was 3 seconds from a self inflicted butter knife wound ...and Lance and I still had no food.

Once everyone was finished, they finally brought us some nachos…
and comped them--
so you know this frugal diva was a-okay with that.

Beckham kept up his wild-ass ways on the way home, clicking his tongue over and over and poking Allison.

Maddox couldn't sleep and by midnight there was a family of four, all coughing and hacking, in my bed.

It sounds like we had a mess of a night.
But no.
ICE was definitely fun… and I honestly can not remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did at dinner!
Even if it was at my own misbehaved kids,
and starving husband!
And at the expense of my poor aunt!

ICE was a success...
I can not believe it is almost Christmas.



    1. I am glad you got the skinnys. They were adorbs.
    2. Those pictures you took were amazing!
    3. I love that you were sliding down all girly like with your purse held up, haha!
    4. B's wild-ass ways sound familiar. The restaurant segment had me cracking up :)

  2. The restaurant story had me feeling awful for you, and laughing too. Those are the moments that are so crazy, but so funny to laugh about down the road. You have the most GORGEOUS little guys. I love those pictures of them! xo