Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We have costumes!

First of all, I have a few pictures from the park on Tuesday that are unrelated to anything...
but I am going to post them anyway.

Now I have to share two funny stories that I will want to remember:

I ordered some books that one of the doctors that I work for recommended for Maddox.
I looked at Half Price Books but ended up buying them off of Ebay.

I have been waiting for them to be delivered and noticed a box on the porch as we were pulling out today.
Maddox was excited to read them so I opened them up and handed one back.
I was gleaming with pride as he slowly and phonetically sounded out the words and read us a book about a cat...
And then he handed it back to me, and I realized that the word 'cat' wasn't in the book even once!

I laughed out loud at how believable he made it by taking it slow and steady.  When I asked him why he did that, he just said, "got her!" and he laughed as hard as Lance and I were!

He is so funny!

Beckham still refuses to poop in the potty.
Tonight Lance was set on fighting him out in the power struggle of the throne.
I sat outside the door giggling at all the persuasion that Lance was trying with Beckham and how certain he was that he would somehow win a battle that I lose daily.

Lance finally called me in as back up.
I tried rubbing his back, singing, reading and taking his mind off of it.
I offered candy, to which Beckham sternly replied, "I don't want candy."
I offered a toy, which I have stashed away for a gloomy day or trickery persuasion, but Beckham shouted, "I don't want a toy."

Desperate, I said "is there anything you do want Beckham?"
He popped his tiny head up and said, "a hot dog... with mushurd."

I laughed so hard!

I also hit up the interweb tonight and found some information that I found to be helpful-- and plan to use it:

I can not explain how irritating it is that he will not have accidents and sleeps in underwear and will wake during the night if he has to go-- and will straight up tell you that he has to poop and needs a diaper to do it in-- but will. not. go. in the potty!

The doctor on the site reiterated the idea that the you can't battle them on this- they will win.
Something I know-- but it hard to stick with.
She said to not fight them on the diaper but make them use their diaper only in the restroom.  Then after a few weeks, make them sit on the potty while wearing their diaper,  then finally try the diaperless potty again.
Gradually, over a month.

I am going to try it.
I have nothing to lose.
We have costumes!

After realizing that I technically have only purchased one year's costume (the bear, that Beckham re-used as an infant)-- and trying all in my power to talk them into the cowboy/Indian garb that we took pictures in, the super hero mess that we dress up in for play, or their cammo duds (aka: Duck Dynasty) that we already own, with no luck-- I folded.

Today was our hunt!

We waited until the eve-of-Halloween but we found them each the character that they wanted, in the correct size!

And the best part:: my friend Rayanne told me about a 30% off coupon at Target, and though they were very picked over-- we found Mario in Maddox's size!  (and we got it $9 cheaper!)
And my pal Schelly texted me right as we were pulling into the mall, and a co-worker of her's had the Disney Store Mickey Mouse costume for sale, $20 cheaper than the store had it!! 

Win column!

We visited Nana for a bit... and watched the Red Sox take the World Series.

Now tomorrow we will handle tomorrow's dilemma...
To trick-or-treat or not to trick-or-treat, while on call.


  1. Your stories about Maddox make me laugh. He is SO dang funny and clever and unique! Love him.
    Your poop situation, if I can call it that....IDENTICAL to ours with Boyd. I know I mentioned it before, but I also think I read the exact same advice. It finally happened for us. I struggled big time. It made no sense to me. Then, one day on a trip to Austin, Boyd did it in the hotel bathroom, then in a restaurant bathroom, and then we were home free. Like a switch just flipped one day. Looking back now I wish I would have known it would just happen, but Jesus had me on my knees many times begging for it to happen NOW.
    I'm glad you got your costumes, and at a discount. They are cute and the boys are going to look adorable. We've always been gifted ours, or one year I got a frog at a thrift store, and one year he just wore a tshirt that he already had. :) This year I bought it, full price, a month ago. I'm wishing I would have gone the bargain route! :)

    Happy Halloween Erwin Family!

  2. PS. Your Nana is beautiful! And, I love all of her pumpkins on her porch!