Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Last week we were on the go, the entire week.
...but what's new?

Wednesday I went in for training for a little side gig at work.
I also started an Advocare 10 day cleanse that day.
It is so funny how a change of pace, even if it is going to a job-- and choking down a rotten applesauce flavored fiber drink, by myself-- can feel refreshing.
I am doing it again tomorrow-- (the job, not the drink) and may make it a weekly thing for a little cash for Christmas.

I met Lance and the boys for $1 tacos at Fuzzy's afterward...
and mom and Al happened to be in the area and came by too.

We went to Sams-- and Lance let the boys get money out of their piggy banks and buy themselves whatever they wanted.
They both chose books, but were most impressed with their very own receipts.

They each saved a little cash to take to Wal-Mart...
that I have anxiously awaited its arrival,
because it is almost walking distance from our little neighborhood
and had opened that day--
and yes I took a picture...
and they each bought another little something too.

Thursday I woke up during the night with a crick from hell in my neck!
I called mom and she met me to watch the boys for an hour or so
and I was able to get in with a chiropractor in Boyd.
I had never been and was scared to death.
He didn't hurt me--
but I am not sure that it helped all that much either.
He was nice, however, and left me a little broker than I went in.

From there, we went to my friend Jennifer's house to eat and play with her baby Madden and our pal Chaney.

They have a massive backyard with a play center better than most city parks, and the boys loved it!

Friday I had to go back to FTW for my yearly evaluation.
(it was my 8 year anniversary at my job) and to get the boys their flu mists.

Thankfully, my mom was able to go with me and sit with the boys in the car while I did my evaluation and she treated us to lunch, got the boys each another character shirt afterward, and we visited my Meme.

Friday we went to visitation for our friend's mother
and Saturday morning, we both missed Maddox's game for the funeral.
Thankfully mom was able to meet me in Boyd that morning and get him to his game, and powdered donuts cured his sadness of leaving us behind.

My mom came to my rescue almost everyday...

My heart already broke for our friend, losing his mom--
not just because I needed mine so much this week...
but because I know that no matter how old you are-- or if you're married yourself-- or how far you live-- or how irritated you can get...
sometimes you just need your mom.
Some (like me) more than others...
And he lost a big piece of his heart.

After the funeral, we went back to his house and made a campfire and told old stories.
The kids played, we laughed, and it was some of the most fun that I have had in a while.
I think it was good for our friend too.
And we all promised to do more of that.

Monday night, Maddox had a make-up soccer game instead of practice.
Our friend Luke brought Lance's friend Joey from HS to watch.

We went to eat at Fred's afterward and our friends Jake and Blaine happened to walk in.
It was a fun surprise...
but it killed our diets!
(the loaded fries, not the company!)

Today I took the boys to the park and there were 3 dads there with their kids.
First of all, I was dressed a little pitiful...
I had to sit Maddox in timeout for being the rowdy 5 year old in a sea of 3 and unders...
And it kind of made me laugh that I was the outcast-- as MEN were running the park today!

We went down to the pond and then we came home.

Where I half-jokingly answered a question on our community FB page about knowing where a house was for rent...
and I said that I was no help there but I would sell them mine--
and now have 2 separate prospective buyers coming to look at our house this weekend!!

We have no where to go--
but I guess we will fry that fish when the pan gets hot!

In the mean time, I will clean--
and pray--
And kiss the faces off of these two.

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  1. We love the food at Fred's! I didn't know Fuzzy's had $1 tacos. And, that last picture is the BEST!