Friday, October 18, 2013

this week...

I spent two hours of my morning trying to reach Blue Cross Blue Shield,
mad as a copperhead and frustrated.
I fought with an automated system that took me to option one, no matter if I pressed 6, 3, 9 or screamed every bad word I have ever heard into the speaker.
I found an alternate number online, but after sitting on hold for an hour and 17 minutes, I hung up.
I pounded at the keyboard and sent an email-- that I will not get a response to, I am sure.

My house is a mess, despite how clean it was just a few days ago.

Lance went to the doctor this morning and hopefully he will be fixed soon.
He took the rest of the day off, which is a good thing.
I was going to embarrass him and be that wife, if he did anything different.

I am hormonal, and started the day as hot as a fire ant bathed in gasoline,
but have taken my emotions full circle today.

And finally, hours later, I can stop and smell the roses (or weeds).

Last Saturday I had to work.
Our friend Kaleb and his girlfriend came down from Austin to watch the game.
Unfortunately I didn't get out of the office until 1:00, so I missed her.

I took a nap when I got home because I had (what would become) a crazy night ahead.
When I woke up, the house was empty.

I found Lance, Kaleb and Maddox outside at the ice cream truck but Beckham was MIA.
Lance was sure that Beckham was in bed with me...
I was sure that he was not.

After a little bit of a frantic search, we found my poor bitty snug between his bed and his tiny couch that was wiggled in by the wall, drenched in sweat and sound asleep.

Lance and Kaleb did their best to watch college football, but Maddox and Beckham did their best to bring the attention back to their non-stop 2 man show.

We laughed when Maddox ran in with his excited face, voice a little higher than normal, outstretched arms and yelled, "Come outside and see what God made in our backyard!!"  Because Beckham, in true turd fashion, never made a mention or cracked a tiny smile, he just grabbed his pretend lawn mower and barreled through Maddox's perfect creation!

I had reserved my sister a few months ago for that evening, as it was my friend Raine's (my old nursing partner from Night Clinic) bachelorette party and my friend Mandy's (my first best friend-- and pal of almost 25 years) 30th birthday celebration in North Side.

I'll spare you the gory details (and by "you", I mean "me") but I somehow went from this:

To hot, heaving, and unaware; all before midnight.
And eventually sleeping on my neighbors couch because Lance wouldn't wake to answer the door.

He woke up around 4:00 and felt terrible for not hearing us...
Coincidentally, my next day could also be described as "feeling terrible".

Lance went to work and mandatory-mom-duty reminds me why I am not able to drink more than *a* drink...
And why opportunities like this should mostly be passed up--
except once in a decade, when 2 situations of celebration collide.

That evening Lance played his best game yet.

And the next morning Maddox made his bed by himself, without being asked, for the first time ever!

We met my Aunt Monica for lunch Monday afternoon, at Lance's store. We then popped over to Roanoke to the candy story so she could buy Big Red with real sugar!
A treat she can't get back home.

Tuesday, we met up with her again-- as well as my brother's crew too-- for dinner, before she flew out.

Wednesday, I worked in the office from 1-5.
Lance called with hives and was miserable.
He had started taking some supplements from Advocare and we thought it was probably them.
He stopped them and started Benadryl but it continued to get worse.

Thursday, I had my yearly check up.
Somehow I left without my phone-- and showed up to my appointment at the wrong time.
An hour late, to be exact.
Mom had driven an hour to meet me there, so although I felt horrible for writing down the wrong time, I was very thankful they still saw me.

That night, Lance's rash quadrupled and started looking infectious... yet was still localized to his upper trunk, neck and face.
Today he went to the doctor.

They still are not real sure why or even what it is-- but think it has turned infectious.
They took a culture and $200...
gave him a shot, and 2 prescriptions...
They told him not to go to work until he has been on the antibiotic for 48 hours.
He is miserable.

He looks miserable.

Lord, I hope it is not contagious!

We spent today lounging, with the windows open, filling our bellies full of Italian grilled cheeses and Tomato Basil soup.

I threw in my towel to Blue Cross Blue Shield.
And to cleaning...
and to laundry...
and maybe even to parenting, today too.

I put down my axe,
and chose to be happy.


And tonight we are eating hot chocolate chip cookies, cold milk, and watching Home Alone!

What a turn around.

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  1. So.... I was on hold with my HR department the other day....25 minutes, then I accidentally hung up...but I had to get redy to go to work. That night I faxed, emailed and sent a letter through interdepartmental mail. I was determined o get a response. The next morning I called at 8:03 and someone answered.
    Poor lance. Hope he feels better soon.
    Your pics look gorgeous,
    Enjoy your cookies and movie.

    And start planning now to meet me at Allume next year...,maybe we get a group of blogger friends together.