Monday, October 28, 2013

since Thursday...

Thursday morning Candace texted me and asked if we wanted to have lunch with her and Audrey at Chickfila?
I did, but we had been pumpkin-patching the day before and I had a lot to do at home and originally said no.
Beckham was still asleep (at 10:00am) and my hormones were about 7 times the level that God intends them to run.

Seriously, the night before, I literally pulled my shirt up over my bra into a scarf and hung my head out the window like a labrodoodle while driving home because I was so-- stinking-- hot... and it was the only sensible way to cool off.

But, she texted again around 11:00 and I decided to go.

My kids always think they have to bring a bag full of junk anywhere we go.
It is mostly annoying, as it all ends up in my car or one piece of something important is lost and we have to flip the world up-side-down to find it and make things right again...
but it is a stage that will probably end one day, and I want to remember it.

I wasn't the only bag of  PMS Thursday, as Beckham was testy and irrational!
We usually trade their toys for ice cream but they were giving out free cups so the kids opened their mini decks of playing cards.
Beckham was seven shades of pissed when he saw the Audrey mixed their cards together.
He was flipping through his stack and separating the orange from the purple.
Angrily slapping his on the table and carelessly throwing hers over his shoulder to the ground.
He bit Maddox,
and he stayed on Pam's bad list.

Candace and I eat at CFA about once a month.  Almost always, at the same location.
We don't know all of the staff members names... actually, we don't know any of the employees names, but we know Pam.
We have nick-named her to "Persistent Pam", and shortened that to "PP".

She is an elderly lady that, in all but the fact that she dang near sits in your lap to share your fries with you, is very good at her job.
Too good, at times.
Well, most times.
She is quick to refill our drinks, bring napkins, clear trash from our table-- right in the middle of our meal, and take ketchup packets out of our hands to open them for us...
She also likes to discipline our kids for opening the sani-wipes, climbing through the play center incorrectly, or sparring with other kids.
It has become a game between Candace and I and we love to see a new-to-Pam mom trying to make her way into the play center with her coke still in hand, and the wind beneath Pam's wings as she always makes it to the door, to halt the process before it even starts.
"No drinks in the play area", she'll say as she points to the sign.

She's persistent.  I can guarantee you that her house is immaculate...
and I have a feeling that her grand kids put up a fight to go visit.

She literally moved the chairs from our table and swept over Candace's feet on Thursday because Audrey had dropped fries on the floor.
We were still eating.  
She also brought Beckham to me and told me that I needed to change his diaper.
He doesn't wear a diaper.
He was clean and dry but she smelled something funky in the play-thing, and picked the smallest guy and pinned him.
It has become our thing... to see how far PP takes her duties-- and we are always polite and thank her for her troubles, but secretly want to hide her in a closet so that we can eat in peace.
I broke out in hives Thursday.
Pam won.

That evening Lance decided to mow...
and he had a lot of help from our littles.
(although the smallest prefers to be called "Tiny", just FYI)

Friday something blew in and my allergies were out of control.
I had planned on going to Lance's games but I looked like a meth addict, red, swollen, itchy, and miserable--
So I took him his ball stuff, whipped it in for cupcakes, and made my way home to cuddle my cuties.

My step-mom sent the boys a box full of Halloween goodies and they spent most of night on a sugar high, examining their treasures!

Saturday, we had a surprise visit from our cousins who made a last minute- 4 hour trip into town.
They came with a sweet sign and cheered Maddox on!

We went to Babe's after the game and to Hey Sugar for dessert.
The boys were so excited to see their cousins!
And pretty amused by the quarter-car that kept going, and going, and going!

My sister came over that afternoon to watch the kids so that we could go to the TCU vs Texas game.
Lance loves Texas.
He also loves TCU.
Lance actually likes a lot of teams, and college sports have a huge piece of his heart.

Part of the deal for us to get these tickets was that we had to wear purple!
I changed multiple times and Lance and Al finally talked me into the "sensible outfit" since it was going to rain...

and because Allison assured me that I am no competition to these girls that were over a decade younger than me anyway, I went with the yoga outfit.
Touche' little sister.

The weather started out perfect. Around 70 with slight wind.
I had come prepared with an umbrella but they took it from me at the gate and since we parked over a mile away, I left it with them.

6 minutes before half time, lightening threatened the game and they put us on a rain delay.
We headed down to the covered part and the rain came in.
Lance was determined to wait out the down-pour,
I wanted to go have our date else-where.

After walking aimlessly around the stadium for 3 hours-- which wasn't necessarily wasted time, since it was time alone with my husband, and we talked and laughed and truly enjoyed each other's company--  I finally talked him into leaving.  I was tired of standing, and hungry, and not really that die-hard to see the rest of the game... rumor has it, however, that the game restarted just about 20 minutes after we left.

Since it was 10:30 before Lance decided to go, and since we walked about a mile out of the way to the car-- it ended up too late to have dinner, so we came on home.
I had fun.
But I bet Lance chooses a different date next time he get tickets...
a fan who's a little less fair-weather; literally.

Yesterday my allergies were back to bonkers.
So we hung out at home and got caught up on laundry and cleaned the house.

The boys made "lunch".

And secretly switched pajamas and thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Today the house was still looking swell, so against my normal routine and better judgement, we made a grocery trip.
I was mad with myself to see that the Halloween costumes were completely picked over-- so we left with no Mario, no Mickey, a few groceries, and lots of smiles.
The boys were so good.
And a sweet guy asked if he could take my buggy back for me as I was loading my groceries...
Another win.

Back home we played outside and made a big fort inside.
The bigs went to soccer practice and the tiny and myself made dinner.

I have two days left to figure out Halloween costumes...
(and a plan for the night since I will be on call)
But I am thinking I am doomed on both accounts...
Yay for procrastination!


  1. You just THINK that I'm a nice person....I would completely wig out over Pam. I would be patient and nice for a minute, but then I'd probably open my mouth and say something that I would regret. :) I love that you and Candace are so good about it all though.

    The boys switching PJs in secret is hilarious!

    Y'all look so cute in your TCU gear and I love the pictures. Well, I love all of your pictures.


  2. I was close on Thursday, (hence the hives) especially after the dirty diaper incident! We think of ourselves as pretty laid back overall, so it can't be possible that no one has ever asked her to back off! When the two of us inch that line on almost every visit!!
    It shows you that age discrimination goes both ways, though, because had she been your random 20 year old employee-- she would have lost her job a long time ago!!
    (You'll be looking for Pam at your next visit, won't you?!?!) :D

  3. lol. I am dying. YES, you know it girl...I will be on the lookout for Pam. I might run if I see her. :)