Wednesday, May 29, 2013

kicking off summer

I have a feeling that the majority of my posts this summer will look like this:
7 million pictures...
lots of water...
And fun with my boys.

It may be obnoxious, but I want to document it all.

Graduation was Wednesday and I had to work Thursday morning in the office for some computer training.
Mom came over and watched the kids for me...
And she also finished cleaning my house too!!
We had a showing at 6:00, and Maddox's football ceremony at 6:30.
I missed the majority of the ceremony because little Mr B decided he was terrified of clowns.
But I did catch a picture of the boys doing the Gangnam style dance when they made it to the stage!

Friday we met our friends at the pool.
My boys and the Booten girls were the only kids there most of the day.
We didn't get a lot of sunshine, but we did get a lot of fun.

We went to a birthday in Keller for our friend Kaden that evening.

We spent Saturday at mom's.
Cooking out, playing with cousins, splashing in the water....
Chatting, sharing fun drinks,
and the boys {as in 'men'} shot guns.
(Originally I pulled stats to prove you the dangers of riding in a motor vehicle, drowning, falling, or choking, lap the risk of owning guns by a mile...  because each time I post pics of my gun-loving family I get a few comments... but I will spare you.  However, I have them-- if you are interested in commenting seeing them.)

Monday I had to work.
But I didn't mind.
I worked with my favorite doctor...
a few fun friends...
and I made triple time!

Back to mom's to pick the boys up....
Find a cow who had found a ditch to end her life...
help with a welding project...
and escape the wrath of a snake!

My kids were wore out after their weekend in the country.
B slept until 10:30 Tuesday morning.
I got the house back to my standards...
We played...
And I got a surprise gift on my porch from my sweet friend Nicolle.

Today we went to the Fort Worth zoo.
The weather was so perfect and we spent our time there with some of our favorite people.
We knew we were chancing it with half-price day and a chance of rain, but it really wasn't too crowded at all-- and it only sprinkled a minute.

Candace and I laughed so hard on the way home....
And the boys slept.

We had another showing this evening, so we escaped to half price appetizers at On The Border and then made a Sam's trip.

Tomorrow my sister is keeping the boys for us so that Lance and I can have a date...
a day date.
Without kids.


I'm pretty excited!


  1. I can't believe you have had two run ins with snakes in less than a week! Better watch your back - they're coming for you!

    You got some good pics today. I'm glad the girls and me got to hang out with all of y'all at the zoo. Y'all definitely turned my somethin' of a morning into a great day - I totally forgot about the crappy start.

  2. You have so much fun!! You are one busy family. :)

    I love the wall behind you couch with all the pictures. I want to do something like that in my house.

  3. Nothing obnoxious at all about all of the summer pictures. I love them!
    What is up with snakes lately? Seems like they are out everywhere. I think I will now be on snake patrol at my MIL's house, because of the huge rat snake that was waiting for us in her driveway the other night. ick.
    Your mom's place always looks like so much fun, and your zoo pictures are ADORABLE.