Tuesday, June 4, 2013

another week...

Thursday my sister kept the kids for us so that Lance and I could have a day-date.
In hind sight, we should have spent the day at the movies or having drinks or something else that isn't kid friendly...
but instead we had BBQ.
{dang good BBQ, I will add}
And shopped for the kids some summer clothes.

After lunch I told Lance that had that been our first date, I would have never called him again.
I guess after 11 years together,  6 1/2 years of marriage, 3 homes, 2 kids and 2 dogs...
We've gone boring.

There were times we just sat in silence... long periods, actually.  It wasn't awkward silence though... I wouldn't even realize we hadn't spoken a word until lengthy periods had passed... and even then it would be something about how awesome the beef rib was or how I liked the song playing... and then we would go back to quiet.

At face value I wondered it is a sign that we don't have much in common anymore,
but then I just realized that we both never get that.
Uninterrupted eating.
Warm food.
No potty breaks.
No tears.
No fighting or changing seats...

And we took advantage.

We had icecream at Braums, we picked up my ring from getting it repaired, and we pulled in just in time for me to go on call.

Friday we went to the big pool in our neighborhood.

Poor B got trampled just minutes after being there by two boys.
I know they didn't mean to do it-- they were just playing tag and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time--
but they took him down hard.  
I was a step away and his little noggin bounced off that concrete and made my stomach go into instant cartwheels.

He had a rough day.
Maddox, on the other hand, had a great day.
We had met a few friends there and Emma is always a good swimmer, but apparently her mermaid skills have not been enough to motivate Maddox to creep out of the kiddie pool or to release his death grip on the side of the big pool.  (puddle jumper on)
But Friday his buddy Braeden was there too.
After watching him cannon ball off the side with his floaties on, Maddox decided he wanted to try.

By the time we left they were doing it over and over, and quickly kicking themselves back to the side.

Just as we were leaving, Maddox asked if he could jump "just one more time".
You can probably guess what happened...
He plopped himself out a little farther than he had been all afternoon and panicked.
I had to drop my towel and my ready-to-leave baby and "save his life".
It wasn't quite that dramatic,
but that's what he told me.
"You saved my life momma.  Thank you."

That evening I was on call and Lance went to his first softball practice.

Saturday we had another showing.
Lance and I got up before 8:00 to clean and mow and then we swept the kids out of bed and out the door before they could reverse our hard work.

An early morning showing is annoying...
especially since it was another "no thanks".
But out of the house at that time of the day equalled one thing to me:
Breakfast at Esperanza's...
on the patio...
Live mariachi band...
the best pancakes ever...
Mexican coke from a bottle and refried beans for breakfast.
My favorite.

After, we killed some time and then headed to my work's company picnic for lunch.
Not many people came this year,
But we had fun.
Lance and the boys tossed the football most of the time,
And Dr Rhodes hopped in for a few passes too.

We left there, and I met my best high school pals for an early dinner and to meet my friend Kelsey's sweet and perfect little baby, Jett.
Still to this day, Kelsey holds the place in my heart for my favorite laugh--
and together, us 3 can definitely laugh.

My little brother's high school graduation was that evening but I knew better than to try and take a 2 year old and a 4 year old into a 4 hour extravaganza on the day full of jazz we had already had.
And lets face it...
even without "all that jazz"-- they hardly set through movies about things that interest them...
So I spared everyone,
and we stayed home.

Sunday I was on call again.
The kids and I spent a good chunk of our day playing in the back yard.
I envisioned a laxed day of me reading and taking the occasional call.
Them splashing and giggling about.
Sunshine and peace.

Instead, they fought...
I got attacked by noseeums...
The dog wouldn't get off my blanket...
And as soon as I started reading, someone needed help on the trampoline, off the trampoline, to tattle on the other, needed the sprinkler turned back on, then off, then on again.  They wanted popsicles.  They were thirsty.  Someone hurt their foot, their eye had something in it and one was whacked in the head by the other...
While pages shrieked out in the midst of it.

So instead of sun and relaxation, I forfeited to the air conditioner--the tv and to games on the ipad.

But we did accomplish, however, our first attempt at potty training!
I left B in his naked bottom and asked him constantly if he needed to go.
Each time he told me no!-- all angry like, as if it was rude to even ask.
And then i heard, what sounded like a full grown horse releasing a day's worth of tee tee, and found B, perched up on the side of the potty, releasing his first urine on his own!

Thirty minutes later he told me he "tee-tee 'gain momma" and I found a nice little turd waiting for me in the baby potty.

After that, however, he had an accident-- and we went back to the diaper.

Monday I had to make a run to the bank.
On my way back, Candace called and asked if we wanted to meet for lunch.
Which we did want to...
But since we looked like we (because we actually did) just rolled out of bed, threw the nearest clothes on and swooped our bangs back with a big red bow...
We didn't need to. 

After a few minute chat and realizing that we were both PMSy and quite frankly minutes from destroying the world with our hormonal powers, we decided we didn't care what we looked like.
We met at Chickfila.
We needed the laughs.

They boys and I met my sister and mom (and a bunch of our neighbor friends) at the pool about 1:00 and we swam until after 4:00.

I was so proud of both of my babies.

The little one, who still hadn't braved the water since the "pish biting" episode, swam with Gigi and even started jumping off the side, and kicking on his own (when he didn't realize she had let go of him.)

And he also tee-teed in the potty twice while we were there-- both times telling me that he needed to go without me even asking!

The big one barely touched the side at all.
He can now kick all over that pool with his little puddle jumper on... right out into the middle of the deepest part ...and flips off the side almost reaching the bottom and comes back up smiling and paddling away.

He starts swimming lessons next week with his cousins and I am so excited to see him progress even more.

Today we met my friend Nicolle and her precious boy, Boyd, at Central Market for lunch and a play date.
Boyd is just a smidgen older than Maddox and they are both high energy and full of character.
I just love Nicolle and always have such easy conversation with her--
and the boys had a great time too.

(well, everyone but B.)

I had planned on getting groceries on my way home but my last nerve was split, spread and spoiled by Beckham's fits and I decided that Lance could bring home a pizza.
Chelsea's Pizza.

Tomorrow we will try for groceries.
Or we will eat rice.
It depends on their mood.

Or more importantly,


  1. When I find a new blog in the morning, it always makes me late to work, but sooo worth it! I cannot wait to see the cowboy and indian pics. I'm inviting myself to a pool day to play with your boys!

  2. Full on summer over there! Love it!
    And that last pic of you is precious. I'm working tonight and my family may be eating rice too! Ooooops! And drinking water.

  3. I LOVE IT!!! I am in love with our summer days and our babies!! Im going to try and get this blog thing going :)

  4. You need to do my profile for me. I need it looking all jazzed up like yours!

  5. I love the part where Maddox told you that you saved his life. He cracks me up! I will never tire of your summer/swimming pictures. They always make me want to run to the nearest pool. I could go for some Esperanza's right about now. I usually get enchiladas for breakfast, but I could go for what you ordered as well. Sounds like B is well on his way with potty training. That is exciting for you! I remember those days, I spent many on the floor with my hands raised up to Jesus. :)