Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not For Sale

We are pulling our house off of the market at the end of this month.
Which, now that I look at it, means it has until the end of the weekend to sell.

HGTV always talks about the 100 days, and since we are nearing that, we want to pull it before people start low-balling us.
We will put it back on...
But Krisha says that July and August are slow anyway,
so it would be a good time to do it.

I could blame my husband and the fact that he is unwilling to lose more than 2K on the deal, therefor hardly budged on our only offer.  Or the curled lip he makes (and the complaining that he does) when he realizes how much it costs to simply have a sign in your yard (even when your sweet realtor is cutting you a kicking deal) or the fact that he throws his underwear on the floor, and his keys, wallet, knife, hat, and change from his pocket across the dresser every day as if I don't have to have it show ready again by morning.

I could blame the 6-8 people who have come out for a showing, just to tell us they liked the place but found something better... wished it had a garden tub... thought the carpet was crappy... could smell our indoor pet-- that we don't have... or my favorite::  the one who really-really liked it but didn't even have her home on the market yet so isn't ready to buy.

I could blame myself and how crazy it makes me to live in limbo... with no where to move if it does sell, no offers to sell anyway, and 3 kids (Lance is in that counting) who contribute very little to my obsessive compulsive cleaning-- and how psychotic I feel every time another friend sells their house in 3.7 seconds of it listing, or we go another weekend with no showing.

I could blame barely-23 year old Holly and her equally as gullible 26 year old newlywed husband who offered more than listing price because her realtor recommended such, rolled every closing-cost-dime into escrow, and still owes damn-near what we paid for it 6 years ago.

I could blame all of the foreclosures in our area.

Or I could just not blame anyone.
Take a break.
Exhale a minute.
Not shove baskets of clean laundry into the dryer (3 will fit, however, in case you need to know that) and another 2 into the trunk of your car because as hard as you try, you suck at laundry and can't leave that crap in baskets during a showing.
(for the record, I am caught up at the moment-- but give me 3 days....)
And realize it will eventually sell.

Maddox will not start school this year so we have a little time to wiggle.

Motorola is bringing 2,000 jobs to our neighborhood, as well as another 2,500 for a new Amazon distribution center next year.
A walmart is opening down the road in October and I am sure shopping and such will be built up around it.

And our farm house house, has renters.

This summer has been a major seller's market for all of our friends,
but not us.
However, I think if we are patient, people will buy.

Even though it may be a year from now before it happens...
Haslet is growing,
and we will wait.


  1. Oh I know ... It is hard! We have sold both of our previous homes by owner to save the realtors fees. The kids were little and I would pack up toys and throw them in the van before showings. Finally one day a couple rang the door bell and ask if they could see the place right then. I was headed out to take Emily to dance. There were toys everywhere. Every bed unmade. And I will never forget the leaking sippy cup on the kitchen floor.

  2. To continue...(sorry, cell phone commenting problems) That couple ran through the place...then called that night and made an offer. It will happen when the time is right. Enjoy the break to loosen up and enjoy the summer. The right family is coming your way soon.

  3. I agree with Jen, it will happen when the time is right. I know it's a bummer, but I know you have already found the positives in all of this!