Thursday, June 27, 2013

People are kind.

So, a couple of blogs ago I mentioned that Maddox was going to use his birthday cash for a Nintendo DS.

A day or so later, my friend Kelly's son Karter, showed up at our door with games and a brand new car charger.

I was floored by their kindness and posted the picture above to my Instagram account.
The following day my friend Lauren offered up her son's DS to Maddox for free!
Cason, dropped it off at my work with a sweet note and everything.

Maddox almost cried he was so excited and honored receive such a big gift from a stranger.

After posting that act of generosity, my sweet friend Jennifer's son Jayce offered up even more games and a bag to carry it all to Maddox!
Jennifer dropped it off to Lance the same day!

I tell you all of this not only to brag on the awesomeness that surrounds us--
but to brag on the boys these moms are raising as every one of them made the decision to give these things to Maddox.

That's pretty incredible.
And amazing, since of the 3, only one has ever even met him.

Kindness isn't dying.
It's been raised right around us.
And we hope we are instilling these same qualities in our boys,
and that we can pass the feelings of gratitude on.

People are kind.

1 comment:

  1. This makes me smile.
    Kindness is what makes the world go round!
    What special kids to give these gifts to Maddox. I bet he was thrilled!
    People ARE kind. Truth. God is so good!