Saturday, May 25, 2013


Wednesday Maddox had his pre-school graduation.
It was a little weird for us, since he isn't graduating into anything-- so we tried not to make a big deal out of it and confuse him.

It is funny how many people know that I cry easily, as 3 separate moms came and asked me if I was going to be emotional!
But to my surprise (and everyone else's, apparently) I was fine.

It was too cute.

And I can not believe how fast this year flew by.                    
I hear time only increases in speed from here.
I hate that.

I am truly, truly, truly going to miss his teachers... and his little school... and the friends we made there.

I would have lived in a cardboard box when Maddox was little before I would have trusted him to a stranger because I feared someone hurting him in some way...
So giving him to them--
even as a four year old--
was huge.

And God blessed us with the best.
His teachers were certainly a blessing.  And amazing.

We still do not know where we will be next year, so I have no plans for next year yet as far as school goes.

I have already gotten a little sad that we will not move forward with this same group of kids-- but in the same breath, I am already over people trying to convince me that Maddox needs to start too.
And side note::  I'm super- duper- whooper over the parents of other summer birthdays who are starting their kids "because they are beyond ready" as if Maddox is not.
Of course they are.
Maddox would do great too...

But our decision wasn't based on 5 year old Maddox...
we are looking out for "too small to play Maddox", "no date to Prom Maddox", "not gone through puberty yet Maddox", and "moving to college at 17 Maddox".

it is our decision.
And we believe this is best for us.

We were treated to Babes by my parents after the ceremony...
And the boys just had to show Gigi the new candy store too.

Finally, I am not sure if the video will work...
but when most of the boys quickly stated their name and then "police man" and a few kids refused to talk at all--
Maddox pulled a few laughs with his response!  (He said Mario last, but it is hard to hear!)
...I was afraid we were going to have to cut the mic!
 I will treasure this little gem forever!


  1. You know what's right for your child better than anyone else does. Way to stand by your convictions. :-) That video is priceless! Absolutely adorable.

  2. oh my goodness, I love Maddox. He is so handsome. Congrats on his sweet graduation. Wasn't his ceremony just so funny?! I loved the video. We laughed so much at Boyd's graduation. I agree with Sarah too, it's so hard sometimes to make decisions and not feel sensitive to what other people think, but you know exactly what is best for your family. I don't know you as well as other's do, but I think I know you well enough to say that you put your family first always, and I love that about you. One more way you inspire me.