Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2 billion pictures; catching up and getting crazy

Beckham had his 2 year check up.
We held the live vaccines at a year-- and since he was still not talking at 18 months, I skipped them again at that check up also.
Friday was his 2 year check up and she talked me into getting them.
He only cried a few seconds and handled them very well.
Even still,
I hate them.

We ate at Boston Market after our appointment--
mainly because it is one of my favorite places--
and because no one was with me old enough to change my mind.
(even though the oldest tried his best.)

We came home and jumped into summer time fun,
our tiny pool,
and the hot temperature.
I love summer.

At the appointment, Dr Hayward shared with us that drowning moved into the number one cause of death in children last year--
Maddox did not take the news lightly...
he wanted to wear his puddle jumper in the 4 ounces of water that the pool holds.

And in the bath after.
Because he's silly like that!

That evening, I went to walk in the Relay for Life in honor of one of my friend's daddy who passed away earlier this year.
We had great food, awesome conversation, and the best time together.
Amy Lou and her her sister Julie were amazing--  and Julie even walked 72 laps, one for each of her dad's birthdays.

I hated to leave at midnight, but knew I had to!

Maddox had his last football game.
It was their best game yet, and a really fun one to watch!

They typically only do hand-off plays (except the one time a kid threw it to Maddox when he wasn't suppose to) and it gets a little tedious to watch.
But Lance let them do crazy things this game and Maddox threw 2 touchdown passes and they all did so awesome!

Afterward, we stopped by our neighbor's baseball game and watched an exciting win for them; locking in a spot in the championship game.
I went on call Saturday at noon, so we came home and let the boys rest and then my brother in law brought our niece, Lorna, over to play.

When they left, we ran to Lake Worth and grabbed dinner at Mexican Inn.

It wasn't a random trip, since I had to go to Target too, in search of a particular pair of shoes for Maddox and see if I could find him a belt.

They didn't have the shoes--
and I made a real ass of myself in the checkout line.

Here's the story::
There was a clearance sign on the mix and match stuff marking them each $3.50.  I grabbed the boys each some shorts, I also found a set of "girls" belts (one black and one brown; plain leather) on clearance for $1.97 for the pair, rather than $10 for one in the boys section.  (they had a tiny metal peace sign charm hanging off the buckle, but I took it off and now they're boys and under a buck a piece.)  I also needed sunscreen while we were there and I on purposely passed up the name-brand jazz on the end cap and walked down to get me some Target brand spray.
I was on a saving spree!

While ringing the stuff up, the shorts came up full price.  I asked him if that was right and he said yes so I then hopped over to the boys section and verified.  He was right.
Apparently the shirts were the only ones on clearance-- and since 'full price' is just $5, I told him that I still wanted them but the sign was a little confusing.
He keeps scanning and my sunscreen pops up $9.99.  Which was the same price as the name brand stuff that I just passed on, and I again tell him that it is suppose to be $5.99.
You know that look people can give that make you feel crazy?
(If you don't, come over the next time my husband and I argue-- he's really good at it)
Anyway, this cat gives me that look and says, "I don't think so, crazy lady."  (he didn't say that last part but his face did.)  I said, "no really, there's a sign... I'm sure about this one."  He looks at his friend-- another kid probably 17 or 18 and that kid says, "no.  I don't think so", all condescending like.  I explained that the sign says, "as advertised" on it and maybe it was in the flyer.  To which he picked up the flyer and flicked it as if he were making a cartoon out of still images and just simply said, "no."   Then I turn around and once again go chasing a sign.
I bring the entire sign back to him and he still looking at me like I am naked and doing cartwheels.
He said, "you should read these signs."  Then he points to the tiniest font I have ever seen and says, "this is only for 6 ounce cans". 
And I say, "then maybe you should move all 57 10ounce cans away from the sign.  It is kind of false advertisement."
And he keeps looking at me like I am speaking Arabic and doesn't respond or move or do anything.

And here is where my shame begins.

I said, "forget it.  I am seriously seconds from losing it."
He smirks, and says, "whoa.  Over sunscreen?"
I say, "no.  Over your attitude.  I am honestly about to knock your head off."

We can assume that Lance lost all color in his face at this point, and his eyes got huge and he quietly and embarrassed-face asked me, "what are you doing?"  and I (still hot and now embarrassed but too far in to not sell it) say, "I am seriously about to go crazy!" and Lance said, "I think you just did."

So now I want to knock both of their heads off because I don't care how wrong I was-- I wanted my husband on my side!!

I shamefully made my way to the car and had already planned on divorce once Lance made it to me...  but he opened the truck door smiling and shaking his head.

We silently drove out of the parking lot, and Lance quietly said, "You said you wanted to knock... his... head off?  ...What is wrong with you babe?"
And we both started laughing.

I have no idea why I lost it like that... but it will be a story we re-tell for a while.
"The breaking point.  The day Holly lost it over sunscreen."
And that kid probably re-told the story too... "the day a mom of two almost whipped his butt... over sunscreen."

We went to watch Karter (our neighbor) play in the championship baseball game at Dr Pepper stadium.
I could feel the tears coming on as soon as I walked up.

It was so exciting watching these little kids work their tails off-- and I lost my voice from yelling them on!

They ended up losing by one point, but it was definitely a fun game to watch.

Candace and I took our little babies to the pool.
There were not very many people there and we got to enjoy the company of just one child each...
and each other,
which we always do.

Beckham saw a shark dive toy in the water and kept saying, "pish, pish, pish". 
I thought he wanted to play with it, so I hopped in and got it out for him.
I have never seen him move so fast, shaking and crying the whole way out.

He never would get back in the water after that, but instead sat quietly on the edge kicking his feet.

Even last night, he kept claiming the pish bit his foot.
Had I not seen the fish toy-- I might be inclined to believe him.
He points to the same foot every time and randomly claims it hurts.

We picked Maddox up from school and made a trip to Sonic happy hour...
We played outside while Lance mowed...

And then I did my best to stay away from any news stations as I am self-aware enough to know that the footage would have certainly did me in.

Just the conversations with Lance were enough to get me rolling.

my voice is even worse than yesterday.
I have done my best to not talk all day so that I am half way understandable on the phone tonight.

There have been storms surrounding us, but thankfully they have all passed.
I think.

The rain changed my summer weather to cold and eerie...
but that's Texas.

And within hours it will most likely be hot again!

my baby biscuit graduates from pre-school.
And though I am sure I will be a bit emotional-- and I know we will miss his amazing school and wonderful teachers-- we still have a year before Kindergarten, so I think I will be able to keep it together.

Then it is real summer time.

Swimming lessons with our cousins.
Hawaiian Falls season passes from my parents.
A vacation to New Mexico.
And hopefully a few mini-cations too!

Bring it!
We are ready!


  1. That Target story is priceless!!! Absolutely something I would do! Looks like lots of fun for you guys lately and seems as though summer has arrived! Still waiting for it here!

  2. Okay - I'm rolling about your Target story!!! You kept your cool pretty well. I probably would have said something nasty and most likely used a bad word. (still working on that potty mouth of mine!) Your boys are delicious and I want them to move in with me! I just love them. You dress them so cute, and B with those sun glasses and binky make me squishy heart! We are ready for summer at my house too! Cori and I are sun burned to prove it (yeah, maybe I should take a trip to Target to buy some sun screen!)

  3. OMG! Made.My.Morning! I'm honestly about to knock your head off! Ha! You crack me up! You and Lance remind me of Eric and I. Eric is always the sane and calm one...and I often say things before thinking and embarrass him!
    I always love your fun pictures....sorry I can't remember anything else about your post....only remembering about Target. :)

  4. Oh the Target story...usually I just stew or send an email to the company. I get it though, for sure.

    Love your summer pictures so far. Yours are always the best, and I can't wait to see all of your fun pool pics all summer.

    You know the vaccine thing makes me nuts. Just recently read a post about them. Made me nuts. We always spaced Boyd's out, and he has yet to get the MMR. Like you said, I hate them.

    I never ever eat at Boston Market because I just don't think about it, but I do love their food. It's just been years. I need to make a stop there soon.