Thursday, May 9, 2013

We've got an offer!!

Krisha called Tuesday afternoon with an offer....

Unfortunately it is TWENTY THOUSAND dollars less than our listing price....
from an investor.
AND they want us out in 7 days.

We countered with 17 thousand more than they offered...
and are still waiting for their, "no thanks".

We don't have to move right now.
Maddox doesn't start kindergarten this fall.

And even once we move-- I have hopes to rent for a few years before we build.

The house still has showings in its future... and hopefully a few legitimate offers too.

But all of the foreclosures in our area are really pissing me off, and hurting our process.
We had a neighbor who lived for like 16 months mortgage free-- still weren't kicked out when they left-- and took everything but the walls on their way out.
On paper, their house is a WAY better deal-- but on the inside it is a disaster.
Another neighbor told me that they are still eligible to short sale and they themselves told me that they still might could make something off of it!
--And this is what's wrong with America, people.... but that's another rant for another day.

It is a long road to being where we are going to be, surrounded by fields and enclosed in our 'forever-home'...
But in the mean time, I still can't stop dreaming of the house that will eventually set upon our 10.1 acres.

And though that "dream house" will probably change before we actually break ground... for now it is Americana, classic, clean, cottage-like, open and similar to this:
(but on a pauper's budget, of course.) day.

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  1. Congrats on an offer...I hope they accept your counter! I love all they things you pinned!
    Happy Mother's Day weekend friend!