Monday, May 6, 2013

We had a showing!!

Make that TWO showings...
one on Saturday, and one on Sunday.

And both, I think, went relatively well.

We got a text around 8:30 Saturday morning saying that they wanted to see our house at 12:15.
Maddox had a football game at 9:30 and I went on call at noon.

My house was a mess and the back yard looked terrible.

Lance was out of gas for the mower and did not have time to get some, mow and then still make it to the game...
so instead I called a man who had left a card on my porch a few weeks ago and Lance went into crazy mode trying to take care of the other honey-do's that he had ignored over the past couple of months.
We argued...
I missed Maddox's game (the first time to miss one) and Beckham and I stayed behind to get the house show-ready.

Thankfully, my dad and step-mom showed up to cheer him on so that made me feel a little better.

In the mean time, our pal Krisha (who works for our realtor) called and said that an investor had been calling them all week about our property and she thought it might be them?

I was bummed.

I had spent hours scrubbing the house, paid a stranger to mow my yard, missed Maddox's game, and divorced my husband-- for some firm to come offer me $3?!?!

But, as luck would have it.... the family showed up a little early and I got to see them.
It was a family (maybe in their early 30s) with a baby boy.  (maybe 10 months or so) and not a investor at all!
I had a good feeling about them...
my house is ready for a boy.
It is perfect for them-- they have got to see that!

Since I went on call at noon and Lance had to drop Maddox off after his game and head straight to work too... I had to load the boys in the car, bribe them to be quiet, and take call while driving aimlessly around Fort Worth.
Beckham fell asleep and finally we were able to make it back home.

I could not get caught up on call, and my kids were acting as if they had injected 5 hour energy right into their veins and I still had not had a shower and honestly just wanted to bang my head on the table about 15 times.

We went to mom's...
My brother's family was there so my kids were excited.  Mom cooked and the kids weren't able to set my house on fire and destroy all the hard work I had done early that morning... It was a win/win.

Which was good, because we came out of church Sunday morning to another text from another realtor-- 2nd showing at 3:15!

Not on call-- but still had to leave-- so I went for a car wash and a few groceries; for a cinco de mayo style dinner, while the boys napped again.

My neighbor spied for me and she said it was a young couple this time... no kids with them.
The boys were fantastic in the store...
but I had an accident in the parking lot and wanted to cry.

Mainly because I am cheap, and my $12 bottle of Malbec was already a splurge.

But also because I had to park about a mile away.
I had already strapped the boys back into their seats when I decided to man-handle all the bags at once into the car-- dropping the only breakable thing I bought--
So I had to un-strap the boys and walk all the way back to the store with a dripping bag of wine so that I didn't have to put it in my clean car... or leave it in the parking lot.

Lance came home with a new bottle (that I will save for another day) and we had a great little fiesta!

Today, Krisha texted me great feedback from both realtors.
The Saturday couple said it was in their top 2... but wish it had a garden tub.  (don't we all!)
and Sunday's couple called it "adorable" has it in their top 3!

Hopefully it will keep showing and we will get an offer!
***finger's crossed.
And that their top ones sell before they can put an offer and they are stuck with ours!

That's all of the house talk--- and rather than starting a new and random post,
here are a few pictures from the last week :: with random headers.

Remember how I worte about Baby Paige a few posts ago.
Well my sister crashed my laptop when we lived in our apartment and I lost a lot of pictures.

So I have all of my pictures from the days of throw away cameras and prints-- a  big gap --and then the days where we live here.

Baby Paige fell in that gap-- along with most of our apartment life.

I broke into my old Myspace the other night and I ran across this picture...
I took a double take, because I thought it looked like my B as a baby-- and then I realized it was her!

Last Wednesday was Maddox's favorite day at school ever, he claimed!
It was a 'fun day' with a bounce house and chalk and popsicles and the learned about France so he learned new words and got to eat crepes!

Beckham was ready for him to be home though--
he is truly his best pal,
and favorite playmate.

We finally made Lance his birthday cake....
with pizza bread, toasted ravioli and fried zucchini.
We also had breakfast-for-dinner this week-- which is always a favorite around here!
And lettuce wraps tonight, which I ate about 15.
Which all just reminds me that I should start cooking healthier. 

My boys are so funny.
Sometimes they're both in on the joke---
and sometimes only one of them are!
(I know he's mine, but I think Maddox has the best laugh!)

I just can't get over this picture.
It is just too much.

I take too many sleeping baby pictures..
I know that.
But I honestly can't love them more then when I watch them sleep so peacefully and beautifully.

Even when it is crazy and all over my bed.
And I don't sleep worth a crud

If you truly despise character clothing, I suggest you get over it.
Because all of your efforts to keep Elmo and Cars and Toy Story clothing out of their closet at 2-- only means that this $3 little number rocks their world at 4.
Every morning he asks if this or his Power Ranger shirt is clean... and depending on our plans for the day is how honest I am with my response!

Beckham was tired so Maddox made him a bed and covered him up.
Unfortunately that meant they pulled down everything I had already cleaned right before the showing to get it done.

Maddox got a hold of my camera.

And so did Beckham.

Today Maddox had school.
I got a little weepy about it almost being over.
I love his school...
and I ADORE his teachers.
(in my head, they are now my friends...)

I also love my time alone with B, and I really get to soak him in on the days where we have no errands to run or places to be.
I hate how fast this year flew by.
And I am thankful that we still have another before he starts 'real' school.

But I do love summer...
the weather is reminding me that we are close.
And the boys are eating it up.

And finally, I will share my favorite pic from this last week.
I love bed time and our family prayers and I love how grown up Maddox likes to pray as he says it like me now, rather than a singy-type prayer.
I love to hear what he is thankful for and bless it all in Jesus' name.
I also love hove Beckham covers his eyes with his praying hands and mumbels over us when we are praying-- and when you ask him to wait his turn, he says, "I pway'n momma".
And it is hard to argue with that!

I felt a little guilty taking a picture when I should have been praying too-- but I know I will cherish this one for a long long time-- and God approved.  I promise.

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  1. I love all of the random pics!!! Such sweet boys- and yummy food! I think B and Maddox look so much alike sleeping sprawled out in your bed! I have been praying about your house selling- sending good vibes your way!