Friday, March 30, 2012

Date night

Lance and I read a blog that I follow, last night, about a little boy who is in his final days (if not hours at this point) with cancer.

It took a toll on both of us.

Though I always love my husband... I ADORE his caring heart.

He sent me a text this morning saying that he couldn't stop thinking about that family... About that baby boy who says he is no longer happy... How he had been racking his brain all morning trying to think of some way to help them... And just explained to me how much he loved me and the boys.

I decided then, that we needed some time together.

Adult time.

My mom took the boys from me after she got off of work today and I met Lance for an early dinner at Joe T Garcia's.
On the patio.
With a margarita.
Without kids.

Of course we love our boys more than life itself, but a little time dedicated to our marriage sure was nice!

We laughed.
We talked.
We ate.

And since we played the lottery for the first time, we spent the majority of our dinner spending our phantom millions in conversation.

Lance gave 100 million off the top to charities... A few dream cars... And he bought me a studio and instructor so that I could learn photography.

I gave a million dollars to each of our siblings and parents... College funds for our nieces and nephews... And built my dream home. (which is rather simple... But roomy and functional) I threw out a hundred random acts of kindness ideas that I would try and do every day.

Lance kept explaining to me that I was on the wrong scale, but apparently my brain doesn't go up to $600 million...
And since the whole conversation was in 'what ifs'... I told him to leave me alone.

[Even in my hypothetical millions, I tend to be a little frugal!]

We had a great time together tonight, and were both very thankful to my mom for keeping the boys those few hours.

We have family pictures tomorrow and I am so excited to see how they turn out!

oh... and we didn't win the lottery.
Not even a dollar.


  1. cute post holly!
    yay for date night. we all need that once in a while or i think we'd go crazy.
    bummer bout the lotto.
    we arent winners either. ;)

  2. Babies with cancer break my heart! A baby from my hometown passed away a few months ago and following their story REALLY took a toll on me....I can't imagine the family's feelings. I cried and cried, and prayed and prayed for that baby.

    It's amazing what a date night can do for a down mood. Sometimes we just need time to be silly with our spouses and pretend there's not a care in the world. It's so refreshing!

    I'm glad you got a night out and don't worry about the lottery...didn't your grandmother already tell you you're rich? :)

  3. You're right... She did.

    I did run over TWO copperheads (and backed over them and ran over them and backed.....) narrowing our odds of finding one today with shooting pictures!

    Also... I have to share... Maddox woke up crying so hard over a "bad dream".
    He said I had turned into a fairy and flew away!!!

  4. Family is precious. So glad you had time with your hubby. Your boys are so lucky to be the recipients of such love!

  5. Hearing about sick babies can tear my heart out. That is so sad. How sweet of Lance to have such a tender heart in all of this, and I love that the two of you had a good date night. Yum on those margaritas. We had them last week, but man they are pricey! :)

    1. You know... We shared fajitas, had a drink each, and a bowl of queso... And it was $30. Lance gave him $40, and we thought it was a relatively cheap date!

  6. Very sad about the little boy...I love that you said Lance has such a caring heart. These times remind us to be extra thankful for the people in our life....cause that's all that really matters anyway. Good for you guys for getting a date in! When I come visit you and Nicolle, I want to go to Joe T. Garcias!!!

    1. I had a dream about you coming to town last night.... Maybe I just got blogger-creeper!!! ;)