Monday, March 19, 2012

spring break re-cap

When did I fall off of the blogger- bandwagon?
I am a terrible blogger these days...
I apologize.

Last week was spring break--
but my kids are too young for that to mean anything...
however, I felt the need to do something--
so we played.

**At the museum, the week before spring break with our Byford friends.

**The park in our neighborhood... with the coyote.
I wrote about it on FB, but you know I like to share here for my memory as well:
We just got unloaded and I hear dogs going crazy...
I didn't pay much attention, until he was on us.
Like a psycho, I loaded the boys back up...
pitter-pattered my feet in place--
and called Lance yelling, for survival techniques.

I was panicking over the phone, "he's coming right for us Lance... what do I do?!"
And Maddox was calmly talking over me, "no he's not momma, he's just a friendly coyote looking for water... Look!  He has a hurt leg.  We're going to be okay, mommy."
And he was right.
He moseyed right over to the pond... got a drink... and went right on his way. 

And we moseyed on back home, though... just to be safe.

**We also went on a play date with our friends...
On the Border... shopping... and play time.
It was a good day.

We picked up outfits for our family pictures...
and a nice little tummy bug.

**We spent Friday looking for wedges [that I never found] and then visiting Nana...
The weather was perfect and the boys had a great time in her beautiful back yard.
I was on call Friday so I tried to get to mom's before 5:00...
Almost to mom's, Maddox started telling me that he had to tee tee and couldn't hold it.
Luckily we were on a country back road-- so we pulled over and let go.
We got strapped back in the carseat and almost immediately he started yelling help! help! help!
And before I could get pulled over, he was spuing like the exorcist all over my back seat.
Filling up his shoes... and white as a ghost.
It was terrible.
We cleaned him up at mom's, tore apart the carseart and washed my car the best, possible.   
And he was back to playing, riding the Ranger and helping Pop on the tractor-- totally unaffected.

His mommy, on the other hand, was bed ridden all day Saturday with the same nasty bug.
Fever, aches... and all of the rest of the fun business that comes with gastro.
Fun times.

We have not shared with Lance or Beckham, just yet.
And we hope it stays that way.

**This week has nothing fun on the agenda.
Crazy weather...
Inside play.
Lance and I do have a wedding reception to go to on Saturday... and that should be fun.

I'll work on that!


  1. Ack, I typed a long comment, then it gave me an error, so maybe you will get 2?

    I hope you guys are feeling better. Stomach bugs are the worst in my opinion.

    Isn't this weather crazy? I love the rain and all, but this is wild.

    The coyote would have scared the poo out of me, but I love what Maddox said. Sweet boy.

    I have missed you around here!

  2. So cute how Beckham is looking up at Maddox in that one picture!
    Getting sick in the car is the worst! Thankfully it only happened to us one....
    but I remember trying to clean that darn carseat! Hope the rest of your
    family stays healthy!

  3. You always take your boys to do so many fun adventures - you always have something to blog about! Love all of the pictures. Your boys looks so sweet in all of them. I need buddies to meet up with (and a baby that will stop getting sick!). The most we do is play group on Fridays.

    Once, we were running late getting out the door and got down the road just for Macie to throw up a bunch of curdled cheese. YUCK! Needless to say, we were even more late getting to where we were going. My car smelled for days. Throwing up stinks, but throwing up in the car is the worst!

    Lovin' your new apps. You will have to share with me what you're using. :)