Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's happening

It's happening--
Even if I don't want it to.
Even if I stick my toes deep in the sand...
I'll be drug the entire way.

We are turning one.

In one month.
Beckham will be 12 months old.

It seems impossible.
not trying to even be funny...
but if he is turning one--
then that means Maddox is 4 months from 4.
Four years old!!!

I can't stand it.

And it seems false.

But it is here and I might as well gush about all that we have learned on our 11 month marker.

He is fulling walking and tossed crawling to the way side.
Laughing, clapping, dancing...
Saying momma, dada, but bubba and uh-oh the most.
Sleeps great.
And eats even better.

He is so happy... And there are lots of people who are convinced he just doesn't cry.

His best friend in the world is Maddox...
And he is the sweetest big brother.

The party (3 years ago) was well planned by this point...
The invites, handmade.

But also with the first one you are so excited to push forward to each new milestone....
And then the second, you are holding on to every piece that keeps them little.

With that said... I have an idea to do the party in paper airplanes-- chevron and polka dot patterns. Navy, turquoise, mustard colors.
But that's about it.

And "idea" is as far as I have taken it.

I also have the idea to say 'no toys'-- since we are overflowing as it is....
But saying no presents, seems like an unfair gig for the 2nd tot-- and I know my friends and family, it will get ignored anyway.
But then again, is it tacky to say "books, movies, or clothes please."
I think so....
But it is certainly less tacky than "diapers, wipes and baby snacks", which would be the most practical!!

I don't know....
But I better get on it.

We have his one year pictures scheduled for next weekend (and our family pictures)...
Then it's days upon us.


It's happening.


  1. I can't believe your little guy is going to be one! I'm sure his party is going to be great and I can't wait to see pictures from that.

    I don't want to think about Macklyn turning one - 1) because I want to keep her a baby forever (because I don't know if I will ever get to have another). and 2) because I'm going to be broke with Christmas, Macie's Birthday, then Macklyn's 1st. Ahh!!!

    I'm tempted to do what you said and request no toys. I don't like buying toys for other people's kids just for the fact that I would rather my kids not have them.

  2. Aww, happy one!
    It does go by so crazy fast.
    I hate it sometimes. And other days can not go by fast enough. Why is that?

    Have fun celebrating. Happy weekend!

  3. Oh girl, I don't know, I asked for books and clothes this time around for Boyd. I know he will still get some toys, and he will be happy with just a few new toys. I will be happy with the clothes and books! :)

    I really can't believe your baby is about to turn 1. I remember your post when you were in labor in that hotel room, and your mom was fixing your hair. The year has flown! I love all of the pictures here. Your babies are precious and well loved, and it's apparent by the smiles and happiness in the faces.