Friday, March 2, 2012

behind... again!!

I thought March was suppose to roll in like a lion?
this weather is amazingly wonderful!!

Yesterday we spent the day at the park...
there was no one else there, which bums the boy a bit...
but we had fun no less.
And it was like 80 degrees here... with sun and a slight breeze.
Just perfect!
(and days at the park wear him down... I love that too.)

I haven't been on my best blogging behavior, however I have had plenty to say in my head...
just no chance to write them down!

Speaking of "in my head", yesterday I had a complete argument with myself over my need to clean vs. play vs. blog. 
If I would have spent that time scrubbing, then I could have maybe mastered all 3...
but instead, I 1/2 way cleaned-- and then we played. 
And then I cut back my crape myrtle (meaning that I probably killed it) while Maddox played some more with the neighbor kids!
And I am blogging now, an entire day later.

Life goes on.

Maddox has had a couple of rough weeks,
acting out and whatever.

I am adapting and attempting to overcome...
picking my battles and praising his positives...
losing my temper and feeling guilty...
Working through.
Tis life.

I think it is because he is 3... and it is par for course...
I think it has something to do with Lance's change of schedule... new is hard... and he misses his daddy.
And maybe a little to Beckham walking and getting so much attention.
Or playing a lot outside with older kids and picking up little habits... like "you're not the boss."

We have conquered harder days...
And we will defeat these as well.

He is still very sweet.
Even if he has had to face some major discipline here lately.

I love him so.

I have a camera full of pictures from the last week or so as well...
The park...
The play room that my mom and I painted on Sunday...
and just stuff...
but I don't have time to edit them today.

I have an undying need to spend my JCPenney gift card on a pair of curtains for my living room, and I feel the urge to make the spurge today!

But while Beckham is napping-- I will ignore the house work, and get this blog up to date!

Here are a few pictures from my phone...
A few worth explaining...
Like this one:

The cinni-minis are beyond easy.  And really good.  Thank you pinterest. You should try them!
The chicken and dumplings came out of frustration! 
Monday, I threw the boys in the stroller (ignored the dark clouds over head) got a block down the street and the rain came pouring down.
I had already showered and fixed my hair-- so me, the 2 boys, and the jogger came racing back home and made chicken and dumplings.  (I added peas and carrots to make me feel like it was a little more healthy!)
Suddenly it didn't matter that we were all wet-- and B was drenched in coke from my running with it in the cup holder... home cooking-- and help from the little chef-- fixes everything!
The spicy green beans.  Addicted. 
I eat them at least once a week... and sometimes as my entire meal... thank you Nicolle!
The boys on the other hand, ate spaghetti.  Somebody loved it!

I know I already shared this story on FB, but it is worth hearing again...
I took the boys to lunch Wednesday and to Hobby Lobby (without Lance or a stroller) and the day went off without a hitch.
I was on the clearance isle, and picked up a lamp shade that someone had hidden a little plate inside. You guessed it, the plate went crumbling to the ground-- pieces everywhere!
Maddox stopped dead in his tracks-- over dramatically exhaled-- and said, "and that's exactly why I ask you not to touch things."
Four isles later, he kept repeating himself... and saying "I just can't bewieve you would break that pwate."
I bought him a sun catcher to paint and told him to hush!  ;)

Finally, I thought I would share about my recent purchase...

I bought this book, in hopes that, for the first time in my life, I will vote based on my own opinions.
I realize that it terrible to admit, but I was bred into a family of Republicans and then married into another.
My husband is a member of the Tarrant County Young Republicans, for Pete's sake... and takes his 2nd amendment stuff pretty seriously.

Until now, I have based my vote on the sheer platform that I consider myself Pro-Life (even though I do think there are medical reasons to terminate pregnancies, so I stand in a rather grey box here I guess), I'm pro-death penalty (and if you saw Dr Phil on Tuesday, you would be too) and I hate paying an arm and a leg for gas.
That's it.
That's why I checked 'Republican' on my voters ballot.

After watching some of the debates on tv, I have realized that there are a lot on both sides of the margin that I agree with... and a lot that I don't.

I know I am not educated at all to speak about this... and I know that people like to get hot and heavy over the matter.
Don't slay me... at almost 28, I am finally choosing to educate myself.
And I will.

Some things just seem like they are made much more complicated than they need to be:

Flat tax.  Lets all pay the same percentage across the board.
That seems fair.

Drug testing for state services... also a reasonable thing to do.

Gay marriage.  I realize this is touchy...
But I don't see an issue with it.
And before you get all churchy on me...
I live in debt.  As do most everyone else I know.
My parents were divorced... as are 55% of all Americans.
Some of my best friends depend on the placebo effect of a mood stimulants to keep them happy.... Anxiety is sin.  Dependency is sin.
My 3 year old tells me 'God is love'... 
So why is it made any more complicated than that.
We are all created equal.  We all live in sin.
We should all have equal rights, in my opinion.

We shouldn't cut education.
It's our future.  It's our children.
It boggles me that it is even considered... much less done.

I know this is far beyond the Blogging etiquette... and I know lots of you will disagree with me... and I am okay with that.

I just wanted to explain the picture!
And hold myself accountable.

I owe it to you who actually have reasoning to the way you vote!!

Well, I think that sums it up.
Expect the pics on my camera...

We have a benefit concert over the weekend for the fire department.

I hope to take pictures and blog them...
as well as share the ones harbored up on the disk already.

But if history repeats itself...
Don't hold your breath!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Missed you Holly! Love reading your updates! Maddox is a funny guy! I keep looking at the picture of him painting on your coffee table and wondering if the paint is washable? I know (pathetic)...out of all the things you said I am stuck on that!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love this. Maddox is right, God is love. We don't all have to agree, but we all have to admit we sin. Every day. The same sin over and over. By God's grace ALONE, we are saved. That's why children can see things that adults tend to complicate!! Anyways, no one reads your blog to hear MY opinions so I'll slow my roll.
    Btw, beckham needs to sit like a baby instead of stand like a big boy. Remind him we need him to stay little. Thanks. And one more thing, be more careful in Hobby Lobby, ok?

  3. Dang girl. I have so much to say here. I did see that Dr. Phil episode, and it broke my was so hard to watch.

    I won't tell you what so many people told me about the age of 3. It's hard, getting close to 4 now and it's SO much easier. SO many people painted an ugly picture for me, and I didn't like when people said so much that was negative, but I do believe 3 might be the hardest. Hang in there. You're a good mama!

    LOVE the spaghetti picture, and what Maddox said to you in Hobby Lobby. That is hilarious.

    You express your opinion, but you do it in a nice, polite way. Yes, we are all sinners, we will die sinners. Jesus died on the cross for us because he knew we would live and die as sinners. I agree with you, some things may be "wrong", but I believe in love and equality, and I know for SURE that I am not allowed to judge. Some may be able to pull from the bible that being gay is a sin, but that won't keep them out of heaven. I'm as much of a sinner as anyone else.

    DANG again, I passed up fresh green beans in Sam's today. I stood there and debated on buying them. I really wanted to make the spicy green beans, but already had too much fresh stuff and thought they might go bad. I even thought of you while I was standing there in the store. :) Now I'm going to be craving them all week.


  4. Holly, I sure enjoy reading your BLOG and am always so excited with I log on my e-mail and there it is.
    I haven't seen Beckham walking yet. It seems to change their personalities when they start to walk, I guess you realize they are little people on their own. I love it because Maddox is so excepting of him and you can tell he takes pride in having a little brother. They are both so cute and I feel like Beckham will be a witty as Maddox, and you will never be able to keep a frown on your face for long.
    You ask me once before about the colors I see when I think of people. It's strange but I don't think of colors about everyone and I seem to stay with primary colors. Maddox is dark red, Beckham is medium blue and you are a royal purple.
    I truly don't know why but I was the same way when I was a kid and saw my brother and sisters in color. Some times the colors are real obvious because of their likes and dislikes. Such as Lance being orange and his love for anything UT and Marshal being green because it has always been his favorite color and of course Ellie is pink and Gunner is bright red.
    I'm glad you decided to go to the park with the boys, I wish I had spent more days with Randy and Penny at the park instead of staying home and cleaning house. I thought I was doing the right thing by giving them a clean home and clean clothes and good food and I guess If I had it to do over again, I probably wouldn't change any thing.
    I would like to have the recipe for the seasoned green beans and mini cinnies.
    I have a new recipe you might try for the boys. It is so easy and you may have already tried it.
    3,2,1 Cake
    1 Box of Angel Food cake mix
    1 Box of any other flavor cake mix
    Dump both (dry) cake mixes in a 1 gallon zip lock bag
    Mix well.
    3 Tbsp of the dry mix
    2 Tbsp of water
    Mix well in a small, ungreased microwave bowl and cook in microwave on high for 1 minute.
    Keep the remainder of the dry mix and any time you want a bit of something sweet to eat it'll only take about 3 minutes to have it. You could even use a large coffee mug. I'll bet Maddox and Beckham would love it. You can top it with cool whip or fruit or both. I made one yesterday with Angel Food and chocolate and it tasted like chocolate angel food cake...imagine that!!! You can use any flavor of cake mix, just remember one of the mixes has to be angel food.
    PS...I really want the green bean and minni cinnies recipes.