Thursday, February 23, 2012

milestones and stuff

Beckham turned 10 months old yesterday.
I'm sure that makes sense to you...
but to me... his mommy...
I ask myself everyday,
"where has time gone?"

We call Beckham our little fatty patty-- because we have not found anything that he will not eat, yet.
He eats more than Maddox at every meal, and is still a booby milk connoisseur.  He is already wearing 12 month clothing and soon I will be bringing down the 18 month tote to sort through as well! 

At at his 9 month check up, he proved our labeling wrong however.  So far he is long and lean, per his measurements.

He was 20lbs and 9oz and 29 1/2" long, putting him in the 95th % for height and 50th % for weight.  And though I didn't write down his head measurements, it was big.  (which he comes by honestly)

I am 5'8" and Lance is like 6'2", so I think it is fair to assume our kids will be tall...  But Lance and I come from completely builds otherwise, so the rest is left up to chance!

I thought Beckham would be running by 10 months, seeing that he has been taking up to 10 steps for a full month now... but he's not.  He has learned to walk on his knees like E.T., so he now trades out between crawling,, and walking short distances.

He sleeps really well (about 10 hours straight)... except when he is teething-- or sick.
He's sick right now.  We were up all night.
I have a crick in my neck from sleeping in Maddox's twin bed with Beckham last night... but that's part of the job.  Right?
He still naps a ridiculous amount-- like 3 times a day.
I hope that's okay?!

He is coming into that stranger-danger stage... meaning he is all over his momma.
He has gone to the church nursery the past 3 weeks in a roll without tears though, so we are experiencing growth!

There are things about Beckham that are so Lance, it is unreal... like the way he observes everything that comes his way.  Maddox would have gone to the devil in a scream mask, laughing the entire way... but Beckham is slower to warm up.  He smiles at people often... and laughs a lot too... you just have to work a bit harder than we did for his brother.  And his facial expressions are 100% his Daddy's.

Like me, however, he is a bit testy at times.  He loves to watch Maddox and play with him and laugh.  But when things start cramping his style, he lets you know!  He wants Maddox to adore him-- but he wants his space too.  (have you read about my marriage... there may be a parallel here?!).  His patience is short sometimes... which is another trait from his momma's side.  I am going to try and break the cycle... mainly because I don't have the patience for the shrill squeals! ;)

He says momma, bubba, bye-bye, uh-oh, and dada.  We swear he says uh-uh (for no) and uh-huh (for yes).  Possibly a coincidence... but it has happened many times!
He can clap, wave bye-bye, and loves to pat me on the back when I pick him up.

He loves putting things together and taking them apart.  He loves putting smaller things into larger things.  He loves stacking blocks.  He loves to take the straw out of Maddox's empty juice boxes and then line them back up and put back together.  He loves to throw or drop things and then say, "uh-oh."  I am pretty sure he is going to be an engineer! ;)  

Though that may be a stretch... I am certain that whatever Maddox chooses to do (good or bad) the mag pie will be a step behind to try it too.

And for the most part, I think he will set a good example.
He is so stinking sweet to Beckham, and usually is very wise in his decisions.

But then again three is suppose to throw curve balls... right?

or at least throw balls.
At my bedroom window...
like he did just now while I was typing this.

I have loved 3 so far... maybe my favorite age yet.
He is funny and smart, fairly self sufficient and so so so loving.

My biggest complaint being that he will not be still and his best means of transportation comes from jumping.
Over things, on things, off of things and onto things.
Climbing onto everything and going 100 mph, all day and barely stopping for his (still mandatory) nap.
Running, never walking, and randomly dropping to the ground for a barrel roll, popping back up and going again.
I say, "what are you doing?!" about 363 times a day.

Over the past week however, he has started talking back and gained some sass that we never knew he had.
Maddox has always been a rule follower and never really a fit thrower...
but this past week he has certainly pushed the boundaries... knowing that it is going to land him on his bed, he sometimes turns and walks that way before we can even tell him his punishment.
Other times he crumbles to the floor, crying as if we are unjust.

He has become so picky at meal times that he is hardly eating anything.  Even the things he loves, sometimes sit untouched on his plate.
It is a normal milestone... but it makes me crazy nonetheless.

He is still super funny... and though I could write a book here over the funny things he says, I will tell you about his prayer time, which is not only my favorite part of the day because it is sweet... but it also always gives me a few giggles.

He has always done the normal, singy, "now I lay me down to sleep..." prayer but recently he has started breaking away from it and free styling on his own.

The other day, while color was processing on my hair, he randomly started praying aloud that my hair wouldn't turn black like his daddy's.  (I have a history of at-home-hair-disasters, so it was all that I could do to not make him retract his prayer!)
A couple of nights ago, he prayed that God could forgive his daddy.  (which  I am sure is from hearing me asking for forgiveness for our sins...) but Lance and I still had to open one eye and make eye-contact, like "what?! Do you need to tell me something?!" ;)
He prayed (the night before Lance started his new job) that his daddy wouldn't go to a different job, and he would like to keep things just the way they were.
He randomly prayed for his friend Katie while trying to send her a Happy Valentine's Day video... he over dramatically he dropped his head and full of soul he said, "Dear Lord.... God of the world... thank you for my friend Katie."
I made him re-record a Valentines Day message... but I kept his gospel recording as well, because it cracked me up!

He is a mess... and I love every piece of him.
Like any good momma would.

I also love that Maddox has a buddy in Beckham already but sometimes I can not wait for him to be older so that can actually play... and wrestle... and burn energy.
(and maybe I secretly can't wait for him to ask someone besides me questions all day.)

Speaking of burning energy-- yesterday, we were able to take advantage of this amazing weather we are having and played for over 2 hours at the park.  Though I am a magnet for weird people, (the mom who doesn't have custody of her children... but got them yesterday and wanted to talk parenting with me.  The mom who's 14 month old was fourteen pounds and the nurse in my was clawing to get out and tell her how not okay this was... and the random old lady with her dog-- who had no kids in site but was acting as if the park was actually a dog park, making sure her pup got its turn?!)
But one nice lady came over to tell me how sweet Maddox was to her little boy.  (which my ears needed, atop his moody week he has had) but she didn't stay long... probably unimpressed with the crowd.

Anywho, Maddox and a boy named Braydon played until his eyes were almost closing.
And back home, he told me he was going to get a bite of his grilled cheese, but really tried to sneak out the front door to see if our neighbor was home.

It was good for Maddox to burn off some of that energy... and it was good for me to see that all the other boys had the same amount of it as mine did.  (just as I am believing that mine is possessed.)

But Maddox is at his worst when he's crazy-eyed tired.
The park play got him that way.

So today I was parked out.
We really should have gone again...
That's what the good moms would have done given this awesome weather in February--
But today I did not land myself in the "good mom" bracket...
and luckily Maddox hasn't asked to go, so no one but me knows which bracket I am in!


  1. Funny you say you are parked out. We went today, even though the weather cooled off some, and it was fun....BUT, before we got there I was thinking in my head, not the park AGAIN.

    I think sometimes I'm a magnet for weird people too.

    Love this post and the sweet words you write about your boys, and the honesty. I can't believe it's been 10 months as well. LOVE Maddox's prayers. :)

  2. Why is it that no one has to teach them to talk balk?
    Seems time constantly flies when it comes to matter what age. Except maybe 13 ish..then you are hoping that stage will pass quickly!
    Cute the look. Have a great day!