Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10 :: February

Ten pictures in ten hours on the tenth of the month trying
 to capture the beauty in the ordinary moments of the day. 

I understand that the purpose of this is to find beauty in piece-of-crap ordinary days... but the fact that they are all out of order, and one will not rotate correctly, can just be an indication of my day.

I swear yesterday was good...  of course I didn't blog it.

And 90% of my days are wonderful.
They really are.

But today Beckham cried all day.

He stayed attached to my leg as I cleaned... and pulled the laptop (Lance's laptop) off the table, breaking the side of it and ruining the power cord.

I called that man that I married a few years back on attack mode, because I felt it was better to beat him to the punch than to face that look that he gives me when I touch anything worth more than a dollar.

Maddox did one of his signature jump moves and slammed his head into the wood floor, thus turning himself into a unicorn and spilling buckets of tears.  He also wrecked every inch of my clean house, but I persevered and cleaned again.
And again.
And again.

I made (and cleaned up) 2 separate breakfasts and 3 separate lunches.
accomplished baths...
and five loads of laundry.
{washed, dried and put away.}

I cooked diner... while on call, and while the 3 men in my life slept.
(during this time, I turned off the tv and listened to silence-- the best part of my day) 

I visited with my parents, who dropped by for a few minutes...
Offered advice, encouragement and listened to countless mom's with sick kids.
Watched a little tv.

And now blogged at 1:00am.

Today wasn't beautiful.

But tomorrow will be.
I know it.

And if it isn't... I promise not to blog about it.
I know it is getting old!

I hope your day was wonderful.
Or at least better than mine!

{I am finally off to bed!}



  1. And I just realized that I am a sucker for any product with oxy clean in it, apparently!!

  2. I'm a sucker for ALL cleaning products. We recently had to switch to dye/fragrance free laundry detergent, and I miss the pretty smells. Sorry your day was like that. You should keep blogging about them, it's therapeutic. With little ones, the REALLY good days are not often, and I know that sounds bad. I almost cried at lunch yesterday b/c Boyd was so well behaved. I wondered if it was really Boyd sitting across from me. Oh, and I was looking back through recipes the other day, and started craving that strawberry spinach salad. I can't wait to make it again. Hope your weekend is GOOD! :)

  3. I'm sorry it was one of those days again Holly. I agree with Nicolle though, I do think blogging about them can be very much therapeutic. Life with young children is so hard sometimes. The days they are whiney makes everything so hard to accomplish, and let's face it, us moms try to accomplish A TON OF SH** every single day, do we not?

    About the bread. You should try it! My client who gave me the bread maker makes the braided egg breads now. I think you can not do that with a machine, well, maybe you can just make the dough in the machine and then take it out to braid. I haven't gotten fancy with mine yet, but last night I made a new batch and it was SO SO good! I will never buy store bought bread if I don't have to now. Easy. ;)

  4. Beckham looks pretty happy to me in that load of laundry! ;) I agree with the girls...keep blogging about your days. I always admire you for your honesty...and the way you are able to turn things around and find a bright side. Thank you for your comment today on my made my day! You are so kind. I had to laugh though because right before I read your comment I was yelling at Brady about being more respectful of our house and picking up his things. He jokingly said, "I thought that was your job." I was so mad...and then I read your comment! I thought- I'm glad Holly can't see what really goes on here! :) Also- I wish to be more like you- more open and honest and I love that you have so much feeling in your writing. I feel deeply...but it just doesn't come out on paper so easily!
    Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!