Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Vow

This past Friday, me and a few girl friends went to see The Vow.
We had drinks before and then ordered food during the movie.
(I may have ordered 2 separate appetizers... it's just whatever.)

I am not going to be a movie spoiler...however, if you are wanting me to tell you that I was trying to silently sob into my hands and then uncontrollably belted out the words, "we will buy this movie even if it is $100", out loud and somewhat loudly into a theater full of people, like I did after watching The Notebook with my husband....
I didn't.

I did think, "why can't my husband love me like that?!... lucky broad"
But it was short lived when I remembered it is Hollywood...
and they don't have kids.

The night was fun...
and I am lucky to have a husband who thinks I deserve these girly times!!
(2  in the past 2 months... was definitely a record!)

I better get to planning next months....
I am on a roll!


  1. Yay for getting some friend time...sounds like a super fun night. I'm sitting here thinking...I don't know if I've ever gone to a movie w/ girl friends. Hmmm? You're right...you better start planning the next get together...you are on a roll...and you deserve it!

  2. ive been meaning to ask you what kind of camera you use? oh and for some reason i cant post a comment unless i select anonymous..hahaha.thanks, leslee

    1. I have a Canon Rebel X1i, but these were taken with my Iphone!

  3. That sounds like a great movie. You have a beautiful group of friends! I think the last movie I went to without Kevin or Boyd, it was with my mother in law. I need a girlfriend movie night!

    Also, yes, only in Hollywood do they love like that, never fight, always look stunning. I have to remind myself of that too sometimes. :)

  4. Yayy! It was such a blast & we shared MANY laughs! Thanks for the invite && can't wait to hopefully do it again sometime:))
    && love the pictures!!!


  5. Love a great GNO. I think you should plan a BNO (Bloggers' Night Out) and invite all of your fans to share appetizers and drinks. I'm there!

  6. thanks, your pics always look great!!