Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today is Wednesday

Today was a super-terrific day.
Maybe one of my favorites in a long time.

I really don't have a reason to believe that it is any better than most days that we have together...
but it was.
Just awesome.

Family fun.

It started with donuts from Maddox and Lance.
(it has come to be a Wednesday morning tradition)

Then Beckham took his 2-stepping, to 5 stepping.
Although proud... I wish my baby would slow down.
We are almost walking!!

We straightened the house and headed out for lunch.

The weather was perfect today and my allergies decided to cooperate.
We had lunch on the patio at one of my favorite restaurants, Joe T. Garcia's.

Both boys ate so good.  (As did Lance and I)
And we were seated just next to the pond, so Maddox had fun playing while Lance and I sat.
And talked.

And Beckham stayed in the highchair, with so much to see outside.
[rare bonus]
(And I promise that my husband didn't stay on his phone the entire time... it is just the only picture I got!)

From there, we went to The Fort Worth Science Museum and Omni Theater.

We will most definitely get our money's worth out of our season passes.
We have been twice and still have not played in all of it, just yet.

The Omni experience didn't go quite as planned.

Maddox panicked a little, but I remember being quite scared myself when I was younger.
(the top of the head rest on the chair in front of you, stops at your feet-- the seating is straight up.)
He ended up loving it.
And Born to be Wild was great!!

Both boys were exhausted and crashed within minutes back in the car.

I did not have to work tonight... not even call.
[A nice change.]

Lance is off tomorrow...
And we are planning on going back to the stock show.
(our museum passes get us in there too.)

Lance has put his 2 weeks notice in at his job and we are embarking on a brand new journey in life.

It is scary.
But I feel peaceful about it.

We have thought about this, prayed about it, and worried ourselfs sick over it.
But today was so great.
So peaceful.

I think we have made the right decision.
I hope Lance feels equally as content.

We have tanked before...
And know how difficult that climb back out can be.

But sometimes you have to take the leap of faith.

So, here goes.

Today was a wonderful day.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Oh, how I want to go to Joe T's now! We have passes to the museum, but we rarely use them....we need to go more often. Boyd loves the museum. I will admit, at 38, the Omni Theatre still scares me. :) Best of luck on the job change, I am sure it will all work out great! Change is hard but also exciting. xo.

  2. YEAH For Beckham!! Almost walking? Time IS flying!!!
    Beckham pushing that buggy is adorable!!
    I LOVE Maddox in those camo shorts!!
    I LOVE LOVE those little flippy floppys on Beckham's feet!!
    Job Change for Lance? Did I miss an important blog?

  3. What a fun day! I haven't been to the Omni in ages, but LOVED it as a kiddo. I will have to look into that for Miss Mace, but she'll probably get scared too.

    I'm sure you're excited and anxious - and every emotion in the book - for Lance's new journey. I hope it takes your family in the direction you want in life. It takes a lot of guts to make such a big life change!

    I'm loving all of your black and whites. I see some in my future - thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. Good fun family days are the best!
    Yea for Beckham taking more steps....and you got it on video!
    Good luck with the job change. Glad you guys are at peace about it and excited.

  5. What a great day!!! The museum looks like a ton of fun. We have one here in Austin that I neeeed to take the girls to! They'd love it!

    And I laughed at the video---- not at Beckham's AWESOME work..... but at Lance's noise he made at the end. Like he REALLY wanted him to just start taking off in a sprint. lol

  6. So they walk on water you have to get out of the boat. Good luck and Godspeed with your new adventure!
    We had museum passes when our kids were little too. It was so great. We went to so many places that we wouldn't have otherwise gone to. Enjoy your weekend!