Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yay today.

Beckham and I met my mom for lunch at The Olive Garden and then went on an adventure to find her a gaudy ball gown for her birthday/ Madi Gras celebration with her traveling group of wine drinking-gypsy friends, this coming weekend.

We went thrifting (which is really what her and these girls do a lot of while they are off camping) but if I am honest, it is a bit new to me.

Once I got over my fear of scabies (which is real... even at work-- I have a serious fear of scabies) I had so much fun.
I may have even scored a few vintage pieces-- that I love.  [and my husband is sure to hate]
We found mom the perfect blue sequined gown and a matching over-the-top mask to wear too.  (A way cooler one than Maddox is sporting in the picture... I hope she takes pictures on her trip, her outfit is great!)

I hate that she won't be here, ringing in her 50th with us...
but I can't blame her....
Madi Gras with girl friends sounds like a blast!!

While we were out having girl (plus Beckham) time...
Lance and Maddox were cruising the gun show together.
They had a daddy/ son lunch at Mexican Inn and then met up with us at the mall.

There, I ran into a fellow blogger-- and got the chance to say hello in real life!!
[I shook her hand, like an idiot, though-- if I had a re-do, I would have just hugged her.  I kept saying, "what girl, shakes another girl's hand?!  Was that weird?"  Lance and my mom said it was okay... but I'm an over-thinker.]

We got home to snow and 3 sweet cards from my Nana!!
How cool is that?!
I'm sure the snow on the ground will be gone by morning, but the Valentine's Day cards will be "read" again and again by the 3 year old.
My Nana has always sent cards for the in between holidays, however I always forget about it until we get the surprise in the mail... and then it is so exciting again.
Maddox loves cash, but like his momma-- he can't wait to save it!
It has already made it into his piggy bank.  (Beckham's too... until he is old enough to tell us otherwise.)

Today was a good day.

Before I tell you good night, I thought I would share the lost pictures on my camera from the last couple of weeks.

From the 2nd day Stock Show pics that I never posted, to the boys....
I hate to leave them out...
So here goes!

Good night, y'all!

I'm off to snuggle my husband.
Tomorrow he turns in his uniforms to a job he loves... for a job that will make his family more money.
He hates change, and this is a huge leap of faith for us.
I pray that this will be the best decision for my family and that Lance will be happy.

I hate to see insecurity on Lance and it is written all over him tonight.

I love him to pieces... and by him making a tough decision like this, its obvious the feelings are mutual.


  1. Tell Lance that I think he will do awesome at his new job....that may be weird since he doesn't know me, but I'm rooting for him! :)

    Love that last picture, so sweet. Love Beckhams red checkered hat.

    I hope you post some pics of your mom in that ball gown. That group she belongs to sounds like so much fun! The snow is pretty much gone here, but I did get a couple pictures of Boyd out in it, EARLY this morning. ha. AND, how fun about meeting another blogger. Shaking hands is fine. I'm an overthinker as well! :))

  2. I love looking at all your fun family pictures! I love your outfit with the plaid look great! And your hair looks so shiny and healthy! So cool that you met another blogger out and about...that has never happened to me. Maybe, because no one around here blogs! Best of Luck to Lance with his new job. A new job is exciting...but no one ever is excited about those first few uncomfortable days at the beginning. At least Lance has you by his side...cheering him on.

  3. As the fellow blogger I must tell you that I also tend to overthink things but believe me I didn't give the handshake a second thought! I was too busy feeling like I had made an idiot of myself accosting you in public while you are with your family AND then spilling out every name I could think of before realizing you wouldn't know me unless I told you that I was Amy's sis! Anyway, I was really caught up in the moment so please forgive me. You are even prettier in person and have a beautiful family!

  4. Hoping the new job rocks! Fun thrifty finds! Cracking up about the scabies! Too funny....and the vintage came from Kirklands last week. Seven dollars. You should get one too. It is my fave already!

  5. Love the bargain treasures. That blue jumpsuit would look great with a pair of wedges.