Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let it be.

It's 100 miles an hour
all day long.
It's snacking on crackers
while dancing along.

Forgetting lunch for myself,
or breakfast for that matter...
except the junk I sneak in my mouth,
quickly, as I hear pitter patter.

There's laughter, frustration,
giggles and tears...
Days that whisk in a blur,
and others that feel like years.

The list inside my head
that never gets done.
The cooking, the cleaning,
and allotting time for fun.

It is putting myself last,
and going forever unseen.
but busting my ass anyway
with a Pepsi in between.

The raisins and yogurt packages,
toys, and sticky floors...
the laundry I completed yesterday,
and today, of course, there's more.

Unexpected flowers from my husband,
that I turned into a fight...
Finally getting noticed,
and I don't even do that right.

Questions, questions, questions
the talking never ends...
my days consist of a 3 year old
being my best friend.

Scanning through Pinterest,
and blogging when I can...
playing with my babies
and missing my man.

Cleaning, changing diapers, bathing,
and chasing my tail.
Reading and coloring,
while going through mail.

Multitasking, making lists,
talking colors, shapes and letters...
Laying down at midnight,
rethinking all that I could do better.

Sometimes feeling invisible,
not enough, not pretty, just used...
Then guilty for feeling this way--
I am not broken or abused!!

Glancing at the mirror as I pass,
Surely I don't look that bad...
Mascara under my eyes,
hair knotted up all rad.

This is all I've ever wanted...
to run a house full of kids..
To play, to laugh, to teach...
and instill what we forbid.

To show them love,
and teach them God's grace...
to mindfully slow down,
and try not to live life in a race.

Which is hard, when there's so much to do,
dinner on the stove before three...
because though I pretend to be a SAHM,
being a nurse, is still part of me.

I love it, I do.
This wild life that I live.
It's the job I dreamt of having,
since I was a tiny kid.

And looking into the eyes of perfection,
babies still adoring me...
I'll stop with the complaining... slow down..
and just let it be.


  1. Well...I for one am totally impressed. If you ever think no one notices how hard you work at being a great mom, just think of me. I do notice and wish it was a little easier for you but I think you are too hard on yourself. You are a beautiful, vibrant, young woman. You are prettier on your worst day than most women are when they are all made up. Can you imagine what some of them would look like if it weren't for makeup and beauty shop hairdos. Most of them are so ugly they could go bear hunting with a switch! And besides all that you have those good long, slinder genes and gorgeous brown eyes. I wonder how many people you come in contact with daily, that would love to trade places with you in a pair of skinny jeans and a little snuggle bunny on one hip and a toddler holding onto one hand and both of them thinking you hung the moon.
    Nana're a darn good poet too.

  2. Holly, this is so good! I love it. Every word is so true, so real, so raw and funny. You are such a wonderful mom. Your boys are beyond blessed to have you. You are an amazing person. loved this!

  3. Holly, you are a great writer!
    I love this. Really really love it.
    So true.
    So real.
    So honest.

    I will let it be today, and I will think of you.
    Have a great weekend, slow down, and have fun girl!

  4. Write a book. Write a book. Write a book. You are so talented. Honestly. And, more than that, you are an amazing mom, wife and friend. You are someone that has just came along and completely enriched my life. I can imagine how much you enrich your family's life. And your nana is are gorgeous. Own it, sista! Maddox, Beckham and Lance are lucky! I promise you are doing things for them that will shape them into great men. Love you!
    Write a book.

  5. I just found your blog and love it. I love this is so true~

  6. Holly, this is awesome! Have you been working on that for awhile or did it just spill out of your head?! I agree with Nicolle...your boys are so lucky you're their mom!

    1. No it just happens.... I use to write poems a lot, but it either spills onto paper or it's trash... It's not very good if I have to take very long to complete it!!

  7. Thanks everyone... Y'all are too sweet!!

  8. so awesome and so so true. you sound like a great mom, and the best part is you are so appreciative of your babies. loved it!