Monday, March 26, 2012

A lovely weekend.

Friday I had to run all over the world... Taking my 2 virus ridden laptops to Azle... Taxes across town, to almost Arlington... Lunch with my mom at Don Pablo's ... And a visit with my grandmother (Meme) and great grandmother (Mamaw) in White Settlement... And another couple of stops for the perfect wedges that I have yet to find.

Meme was in the hospital this past week with chest pains but is back home now and doing much better. Mamaw is practicing on her stationary pedals, trying to strengthen her 96 1/2 year old legs. (she claims her feet work perfect.... It's the legs that need a little training)
Each of the two think they are taking care of the other... And in my opinion, I think they are both a little correct.

My Mamaw always tells me that I am rich. And she isn't talking about money at all.
There have been times when I have wondered if she really knows that I am not a 6' tall Neiman's model (where she saves me the Christmas catalog from every year)-- a wonder nurse-- with the 2 smartest children in the universe....
And if she just builds me up because it is her job.... Or if she believes it?!
I cant blame it on old age either-- since I can remember, she has praised me as if I was one of a kind...

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at McDonalds and then I headed over to a pedicure by my lonesome.
We will completely ignore the bottle of topcoat I accidentally kicked off of my foot rest, shattering across the tile floor.... Because It was amazing. to be alone.

The boys were rocking out to Taylor Swift when I returned to the car... And Maddox shared with me that his daddy drove him to an empty field to let him potty and then showed him how to do a donut in our car.
(his daddy will be 31 in days.... In case you were confused!!) ;)
But I think they enjoyed their time as boys too-- without momma ruining all of the fun-- even if it was just in the car.

A phone call from my momma, when leaving, revealed my brothers kids were over playing at her house and Maddox cried to go play too.

So we did.

Lance had plans to stay behind and finally hang the tvs on the wall... But he only gets one full day off each week and the weather was too perfect to stay inside, anyway.
So he joined us.

The kids played outside.

Lance and I rode around the property and then down to "our land".

And though my nose hasn't let up and my throat feels as if I have sucked on razor blades for 2 days straight, it was a good time.

That night, however, was an even better time.

Our friends were recently married and this weekend was their big shebang of a celebration.
The venue was a super-cool brewery (The Rahr Brewery) and the band (The Hosty Duo) was set up right in the middle of the huge machines with lights shining up on them.
The food was catered by The Love Shack and the cake was an exact replica of the couple's dog, Mitch.
It tasted even better than it looked! ....and it looked, AMAZING!
We got to see friends that we haven't seen in forever, laughed a lot, and had an awesome time.

They couldn't have done any better on the venue-- except maybe cutting me off on coke!
...since I don't drink beer, I had a coke in my hand the entire night.
I didnt realize (until I was staring at the clock at 3:00am... Counting down the hours until my alarm would sound off) that I had guzzled down 5 cokes over the few hours we were there.
I paid for it.

Sunday I had to work... With Amanda... So "work" seems like an unfair description of our morning.
Out by 12:15... A quick stop to get cash for my sister (who graciously watched my kids for us Saturday night and Sunday morning) and I was finally home to clean my destroyed house snuggle my boys.
But better yet, nap.
(Even if it was only 45 minutes and I had to wake up to console my baby boy who was sobbing next to me over a movie about a dog and a basketball...)
I needed the rest.

Today we have been taking funny pictures on our new iPad....
Casey sent me the last 2 books to read digitally on it-- but I haven't started them...
And Maddox has been practicing writing his letters.
...which are struggling but improving a little each day.
[The boy can type his name in flash speed, however, So maybe penmanship won't really matter by the time he's in kindergarten!!] ;)

I am still learning how to blog from this thing... And any pointers in how to make my pictures centered and larger, would be appreciated.
(like a serious control freak-- I plan to log on from work tonight and fix the last 2 posts until one of you educate me a little!)

Also, let's hope our laptops can be fixed pretty cheaply...
And that lance doesn't read the article that I just did about viruses on Pinterest.

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  1. A pedicure sounds really nice right now. I bet your night out was great. I've heard of the Rahr Brewery, but have never been. We walked right by Love Shack last night. I want to eat there too. Kevin has eaten at Lonesome Dove, same chef, and he loved it. That dog cake is so cool! I love it!

    I love those first 3 pictures. So sweet. You have amazing genes in your family. Hope you are having a nice week.