Monday, July 11, 2011

The Firefighter Bash

I was spinning circles trying to get everything put together, talk to everyone, and keep people entertained, that I didn't take hardly any pictures.
Thankfully, my camera was passed around and some shots were taken for me.
Here is a glimpse at our day on Saturday.

the favors.
the bounce house and water slide.
A few of the guests.

 the fun.


the cupcakes.
the presents.
the after-party

Sunday we took Maddox to see Cars 2 for his actual birthday.  He and Beckham, both, did awesome and though I could barely hold my eyes open for pure exhaustion, I thought it was pretty cute too!


  1. LOVE the pictures. What a fun birthday. Boyd would be in heaven with those bounce houses. The cupcakes are adorable, everything is!

    Happy Birthday Maddox!

  2. What a fun day! Those fire hydrants are too cute. Where do you go for favors, etc? You ended up with tons of great pictures! You're lucky you have people around you that are brave enough to use your camera. That wouldn't happen around here and if it did, all of the pics would probably be blurry. :)

  3. A bounce house AND a water slide?! That's one LUCKY little boy!

    Happy 3rd Birthday Maddox!

  4. We had a good time...can't wait to hang out with you guys again soon.

  5. Thanks!! He had a great time!

    I bought the fire hydrant sprinklers and the helmets at Dollar Tree!
    (I could have gotten the hats cheaper than a buck a piece online but I was out of time... and I think the $1 sprinklers were a steal so it evened in the wash)

    Cupcakes are from Sams Club. I've had yummier... but cant beat 60 cupcakes for less than $30.

    We lucked into the bounce house/ water-slide duo! My mom rented one from a friend for his party but due to a blooper on the guy's booking-- we ended up getting a 2-for-1!!

    Shelly-- we are so glad you guys came out... I hope yall had a good time, I felt like I was all over the place!!

  6. Wow! What a great party! Every party is better with a bounce house, cupcakes...and even someone playing the guitar. What a cutie!
    We haven't seen Cars 2 yet....but my son already wants the Wii game. Hmmmmmm.
    Nice to meet you!:) Jen

  7. Despite my "angel" having a bad day, we had a good time at the party! You should be a party coordinator, it was all too cute!! I'm so glad that I was around people that have been there, done that with the poopy-acting kiddos! Sometimes they just have off days! Love all the pics and thank you for including us on his special day! Love you