Friday, July 15, 2011

prayer works

We had a pastor once named Brady Boyd who did a sermon over praying specifically for what you want.

He and his wife tried for years to have a baby and after tapping out all of the funds that they could with fertility doctors and such, they gave it to God.
He prayed for a healthy baby, but specifically he continuously prayed for a red headed, blue eyed, little girl....
After years of trying they had a boy and were filled with joy.
Completely blessed.

A few years went by and he still felt as if he and his wife would have another baby.
Because he knew God would answer his specific prayer, he and his wife continued praying but didn't share their prayer with anyone else.
One morning, his best friend called him and told him of a dream he had and he thought that they were going to have another baby.
He said he saw her so vividly in his sleep... she had red hair and blue eyes.
(his friend never knew about the prayer)
This just gave them more hope and they continually prayed for their little girl.

About that time during the sermon, a huge picture of a little girl in her soccer uniform popped up on the big screen and I don't think I even have to tell you what she looked like.

There was not a dry eye in the house when he was finished telling his story....
And that sermon has stuck with me.

I honestly spend most of my prayers giving thanks,
because though I do not have much in the physical sense...
I have more than a lot of folks,
and am over-blessed with healthy, smart, beautiful children...
an unfailing husband...
a loving family...
and unbelievable, genuine friends.

I know that I am blessed.

I always pray for the health and protection of my babies but when I feel anxious about a certain condition, disorder, illness, etc... I give that specific worry to God.

Recently, I have been praying that this move back to Haslet be manageable.
Specifically that this first month not do us in.
We will have the same monster gas bill, plus the extra gas of driving back and forth moving, plus the more-than-doubled mortgage again, etc.

I pray that being back in the city, doesn't turn me into the money-minded lunatic I once was.
It was draining to our marriage.
Money and things I wanted, sometimes masked the beauty and blessings in my lap.
Lance thinks I have changed for the better in the last year.
I too, think I have changed out here in this quaint little house.
I pray that I can stay in this mind-set and financially it all works out. 

Today, I had a wild idea that I would get our house refinanced to make this an easier adjustment.
When looking through the file cabinet to find our loan information, I ran across an envelope, still unopened, from our mortgage company.
We had over-paid our escrow by $600 and they cut us a check!! (in March)
I guess we just assumed it was another bill, and it was tucked away in the file labeled "mortgage", sealed, since we pay all of our bills online, and that one is always the same.
I called them to get the logistics of it all and found out that they had cut us one last year too that we never cashed so they were going to re-send it also!!
Are you reading this?
$1200, free and clear... just like that.

On top of that, the girl scheduled to be on call tonight called in sick and I was able to pick up an extra call!!
Work from home...
easy money.
unplanned-for money.

My specific prayer was answered!!

And so was Maddox's...

A few night ago, I worked at a new office and was told about a family who's little boy is fighting cancer.
Thankful and fearful, I felt like I should give EXTRA thanks...
and specifically pray that cancer stay clear from my boys.

That night, rather than doing Maddox's singy-prayer with him, where at the end he lists as many people he can think of... a few random things... and the ends with "and bless all of my family and friends", I prayed out loud over him.

I have done this before, but never when he was awake.

When I was done, he said, "thank you."
Very mature and sincere as if he completely understood the entire thing.

We cuddled up a bit longer and then he said, "can you teach me how to pray for you like that mommy?" and I said,"sure!  Just close your eyes, open your heart and ask God for anything you want or need"

[Maybe I should have been a bit more specific.]

He clasped his tiny hands together, closed his baby eyes, and said, "God..... I would like a red cupcake."  :)

Apparently, he didn't completely understand all of it...
but he did help himself to a red cupcake for breakfast the next morning!!!
[He ate the top, and then stuffed the rest in a pot in the cabinet for me to find later while unloading the dishwasher!!!]

And finally...

We were at lunch the other day and Lance had got on to Maddox a few times for being up and down and loud and obnoxious-- multiple times...
Finally, Lance's tone changed, and it was obvious that Maddox was down to his last chance.
Just as Lance said, "Maddox!!..." in his stern-daddy voice,
Maddox bowed his head, closed his eyes, clasped his hands together and said, "now I lay me down to sleep..."

Situation deferred!

And I think Maddox would agree,
prayer works!


  1. I've been working on simplifying our life, but it's so difficult with all of the hustle and bustle around us. I'm ready to pack up and move to the country - I'm sure it was a humbling experience!

    I absolutely agree with you that prayer does work! I don't know how many times we have found ourselves in a bind and somehow He works it out for us...every time. It's amazing the power of prayer!

    Maddox is precious. I love his prayers...sometimes I want to pray for things like cupcakes too. :)

  2. I will think about Maddox anytime I see a cupcake with red icing. I have been teaching Lexi to pray, and like you, we are starting off by listing people we love and thanking God for them, then thanking him for our house, family, etc. One night Lexi threw in " thank you for mr. Chad" (our neighbor across the street) and "thank you for Wendy's".

  3. My Fav I think! love it