Friday, July 22, 2011

jibber jabber- randomness

*We got some amazing news tonight...
That's about all I can say about it at this point--
which I know is uber-annoying...
but I will fill you in later.
But it is good.
Really good.

*In other news:
Beckham has been taking a binky!!!
kind of... when he is really sleepy.
but we have progress.
Would you check out the persistence of this momma!!!

And... he put himself to sleep in his Bumbo yesterday.
I know it is a little pitiful to see him all slumped over- sitting up- sleeping...
But this is front page news for me!!
Woo hoo!!!

But... he woke up sick this morning.
Lots of snot and congestion...
not nursing well and doing this gaspy thing that was making me have a panic attack.
I yell for Lance in those situations...
I may be a nurse...but I like him to take over!
And he does a good job of "calm".

*Speaking of taking over...
Today was his day off and he threw me a major- bone!
He and Maddox let me and snotty-pants sleep in until 11:00!!
Got up, made breakfast, straightened the house a little and was playing cars with the boy when Beckham and I strolled in.

Then Lance got called out for a fire and Maddox cried when he was trying to leave.
Lance could tell that they were going to get disregarded but he pretended that Maddox could go too...
Maddox threw on some clothes... jumped in the car seat and off they went.
A couple of minutes down the road, he was disregarded so he and Maddox went to the gas station instead, for a treat.
They came home and threw rocks in the pond... and finally came in all sweaty and red.
Have I mentioned I am going to miss this place?

They had a fabulous daddy-son day!

*Speaking of 'this place'; I have packed two boxes.
We move next week.
Lance packed a few more while I was at work tonight...
but seriously.
--and I had Maddox out of my hair all day.  I have no excuse.

*What I did find [in my 2-box packing] was an old picture.
Lance looks the exact same, and I look like a blonde Ugly Betty.
Pink nails, braces, pre-lasix...swoon.
Luckily, Lance signed up for stocks before they sky-rocketted.
You know, fell in love with a participation ribbon-- locked it in-- and then found out it was really every bit a 6th place pink ribbon 9 years later.
I am by no means calling myself pretty now...
but then, I was a mess.

I know you want to see it...
So I'll share.

Wait for it.


Yeah, that's right.
I was pitiful.
And he loved me anyways.

*Which made me realize...
I don't know that I have ever been hit on by a stranger.
I was reading a friend's blog about her getting hit on-- and I seriously can't remember a single incidence.
I know what you are thinking-- "see picture above..."
But really, I don't.
I've been flirted with I think...
Is that the same thing?
I'm so not in the game.

Let's pray Lance never leaves me...
Can you imagine?
I'm funny... and nice...
but not sexy or hot.  [at all]
And I'm pretty sure those two are the key to single life.

*Speaking of "not hip"-- I hate short hand.
My sister makes fun of me because my texts are "so proper" she says...
but really, is it that much harder to add the a and the e to "are"?
And I have seen people write "cum" on FB... as in "r u going 2 cum c us?"
Let's get this straight::
that word, misspelled-- or "short-handed" means two completely different things...
one is highly inappropriate for FB in its literal usage.
I cringe every time I read it.
Just make it easy for me... put in a little extra effort to type all of the letters, that way I don't have to feel like a 90 year old trying and dictate what you are saying.

I love it.
Every song or band makes me think of someone or a memory.
When I hear Clapton, I can automatically see my dad sitting on his couch stirring his bloody mary with his celery...
My dad didn't drink a lot, but this particular memory always comes to mind.
PDiddy:: my friend Chrissi.  Her and I would listen to songs over and over trying to memorize every word.
Poison::  Katie La.  (who happens to be a member of their fan club)
Old School Pat Green, Cory morrow, and Jack Ingram:: my husband and our early dating days, and parties at the Starnes place.
You get the idea...

Today while driving into work I turned my station to rock...
I don't normally listen to rock but song after song was Ozzy, Metallica, Pantera, etc. which made me think of my brother and his friends.  There was about 10 of them who were always together and were the best of friends...
it threw me back into the memories of them, and being "the little sister"... and made me so excited to have boys.
Girls absolutely have their perks too...
But boys are just so fun and simple and loyal.
No drama.
I definitely don't want to grow my boys up... but I can't wait for them to experience those days.

*Chase of pace again.
I have a blogger friend named Nicolle.  Her passion is feeding the hungry.
I can be honest, before following her, I was very judgemental about the homeless.
I had seen too many episodes of 'Interention' and I had thought that they were all on drugs.
I had seen 20/20 where they fake being homeless.
And before Lance lost his job-- sent out hundreds of resumes without a response, I had thought "get a job" when I saw one begging.
And then Nicolle made me see a whole other side.
They are someone's kid.
They have hearts and feelings just like everyone of us... and our often times forgotten.
It isn't our job to judge why they are homeless, but if we can help we should.

I tell you all of this to share a small story.
Yesterday, while stopped at a stop-light, I saw a man and women holding a sign.
I was watching them... in the horrible heat and I got sappy.
I had no cash on me (and still don't know how I feel about giving cash anyway.)
And I had no food.
The longer I watched them, the more my heart broke for them.
I started looking in my back seat for a bag of goldfish or cookies or something of Maddox's, but I had nothing.
Then I remembered a bag of chewy sweet tarts that my husband had surprised me by slipping into my pumping bag.
I wanted to give something... but I had nothing, really.

So I rolled down my window and told him that.
I said, "you are welcome to my sweat tarts if you would like them..."
He smiled and said thank you and then took them back to his companion and shared them.

I cried my head off.

I know that a bag of chewy sweet tarts was a pitiful gift to them...
and I wish I had more.
but then I thought, I like when Lance surprises me with a bag....
Maybe it gave them a little joy too.

I am no Nicolle... but she should feel good about all of the little seeds she has planted.
Now I want to help.
And sadly, there was a time that it was not on my radar at all.

*I'm off to bed.
I already had to call Amanda at midnight for nursing advise on Beckham.
(That should make you feel good about your on-call nurse[me])

In my defense, I can do fever... [maddox has ran over 106]
but I hate snot.

And everything is different when it is your own baby gasping.

Now, pardon me while I suction him one last time for good measure.


  1. Holly, you had me cracking up...not at your picture, just your thinking! Lance and the stocks...I was like, what's that have to do with Holly...and then I got it. (I'm a little slow sometimes!) You're right Lance looks the same. And you are too cute! The glasses are funny, but you look about 12 yrs old! I'm not sexy or hot ...and I'm now old so I hope my hubby doesn't leave me either!

    Beckham looks so cute sleeping with his arm propped under him. Hope he's feeling better today. So nice of Lance to let you guys sleep in.

    LOVED the sweet tart story. You're right, Nicolle is definitely planting seeds and making a difference.

    Can't wait to hear your good news...thanks for leaving us hangin' like that! :)

  2. I love that you posted that older picture of you and Lance. I loved it! You are pretty, always!

    You are so kind to mention me here. I still struggle with those feelings that most of them are addicts, they won't ever change, etc, etc. Sometimes I even get scared when I go downtown. BUT then I do always remember, they are struggling no matter what. I'm not opening my bank account to them, just my heart. You just never know what impact you may have. Even if you have none on their lives, Jesus knows, ALWAYS! That is such a sweet story about you sharing your candy with them. I have driven away bawling too, so I get that feeling, totally. Bless your heart. It's too hot right now, but when the weather gets cooler, I'm going to make and keep a bunch of bags in my car again, with food, water bottles, chapstick, etc just in case I see someone in need.

    I love Beckham in his bumbo, and Lance and Maddox playing and letting you sleep in! AND, now you have me wondering what your amazing news is?!

  3. I love the picture. And I love that you have such an amazing husband, you lucky duck! You two are such a perfect pair and your boys are adorable. I'm eagerly awaiting the good news... and I'm ready to see you next weekend!

  4. I hope the picture made you giggle a little!

    Libby... lance is a sweet boy [most of the time], but he, like all men, has his down falls too.
    (I am jut smarter than to post about every time he pisses me off!!) :)