Thursday, July 7, 2011

busy. busy. busy.

We have been going non-stop.
I have so much to do before the party on Saturday...
Seriously, so much!
We are tired.

But no time to rest for this momma...
I scheduled myself to work Monday-Thursday this week. (without my Wednesday night off)
Monday morning (July 4th-- Woo-hoo, triple time!) was slow...
But I didn't sleep the night before-- and had to depend on coffee to pull me through.
It was my first morning to work since Beckham was born...
And my first time to leave B with someone other that Lance.
I was anxious, I won't lie.
Beckham was up fussing all night and was warm making me panic that he was febrile.
I only caught 99.7 but it was with a temporal scanner so I wasn't sure how accurate it was.
It was 2 days post his shots...
And it is no secret I hate shots...
He's better now.
Which means I am better too!

Better = busy in this house.

I ran errands for the first time today with both boys-- no Lance.
They were both perfect, seriously amazing.
Maddox was rewarded with a trip to McDonanlds.
(therefor I was disciplined with a trip to McDonalds-- serious beating)
Kids as big as me were running all over my biscuit-- making me want to pop a few heads off...
but I didn't-- I am sure it would have rained out his parade.
And quite the parade he had.
He smiled from ear to ear the whole time.
He didn't even fuss when it was time to leave...
Today was such a great day.

Back home, I had lists to make and chores to accomplish.

Have I told you before that I am a list maker?
I love making lists...
And lists of my lists...
And then I sometimes type my lists from there...
Probably wasted energy--
but it makes my head feel better.

So back to life I go--
I apologize from being absent, I've just been busy.

Working now...
Call until 11:00 tonight...
Wal-mart, Sams, Dollar Tree all on the list tomorrow...
Plus a birthday party tomorrow evening.

Parties are work...
And I hope it all comes together.
Stay posted for the results...

And a happy birthday post to my sweet Maddox, who turns three in 3 days.
Oh Mercy, me.
I could have sworn he was born a few months ago.
Tomorrow he is going to be driving.
Hate how fast time flies.
Love him.

To the moon and back.


  1. Busy momma!! I'm so glad the boys are behaving well for you while you are so busy! I'm sure the party will be a major success and I can't wait to see pictures!! Happy Birthday to Maddox soon. Three - yeah that did go by fast!! He is such a sweet boy! Love the pictures of Beckham - he's a cutie!!

  2. Happy Birthday Maddox! Love the picture of him sleeping. Oh, the smile on Beckham's face melts my heart. Boyd turned 3 in March, and it just about killed me too. I don't know how he got to be 3 years old so fast. I am such a list maker too. Kevin makes fun of me all the time. I love lists, and I love pretty paper to make my lists on. :) Bless your heart for going to McDonald's. I busted out laughing about you wanting to pop some heads off. Girlfriend, that place kills me. I wrote a while back how I've sworn off the play areas. I am done, and I hope Boyd is ok with that! :))

    Have a good weekend.

  3. I love fellow list makers. If I am hand-writing a list and I mess up, I have to start all over. If I (or someone else) check something off the list in a different color pen, I have to start over. I have even started making lists in the "notes" section on my phone. I would be lost without my notes.