Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweet baby Beckham; by Candi Coated Photography

Candi came out to my house yesterday to take some pictures of Beckham for us.
[Remember my maternity session?!]
I know I said before that I love, love, love her...
but seriously-- its hard for me to believe that we have only met twice--
I feel like I have been her friend forever!

She brought Maddox a UT football as a special treat...
He loved it...
and it made my heart smile that she went out of her way to make Maddox feel special.

When she showed up, I had just gotten out of the shower...
hair wet...
no make up on...
and to be honest, the poor girl had to see me in my underwear again!!  (and this time it wasn't for a picture!)
...maybe she wishes that I didn't feel so comfortable around her!!  ;)

Maddox tried going home with her when she was leaving--
and has been talking about her for 2 days straight.

I think he made a pal in Candi--
and she worked through the fits and time outs while she was here...

So she deserves a trophy.

Now I have to show off my newest trophy
....and a few of my favorite shots from Miss Candi.
(I have so many more good ones, but I don't have room for them all)


  1. precious! Glad you had such a great time :) I want to see y'all while we're in town!

  2. awe he is so sweet! Candi sounds like a great, patient person!! The pictures are great! Can't wait to see all of them!

  3. OMG. I really have no words. Those are PRECIOUS! ALL of them!

  4. Thanks guys.... I love him so stink'n much. He's just my little soul mate.
    And my favorite is the black and white of him and Maddox. (the child who taught me unconditional love, meeting the next) joy. joy. :)