Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

We (slightly last minute) decided to go camping for Mother's Day.
My doctor wasn't too thrilled about it, since part of her orders included sitting...
and resting.
But I wanted to go.
And I surely am not sitting or resting here.
So off to Oklahoma we went.

Lance and I left out around 1:00.
We pulled my parents brand new (smaller) trailer, to get it set up and ready.

The spots in Lake Murray State park are first come, first serve--
and with it being a 'holiday weekend', we thought we should try and get there early and find 2 spots together.

Of course our 2 week old, called for a break just north of Denton to eat.
But we made lunch out of that stop and continued on.

Once reaching the park, the only 2 spots we found together, were right on the water.
Not necessarily what we wanted with 3 small kiddos--
but it ended up working out perfectly.

We had quite a few hours of family bonding while waiting on the rest of our crew.
Beckham got to ride in his pouch.
(He loves his pouch!)
Maddox was able to "help" Lance set up the trailer, feed the geese, throw rocks in the water, play at the park-- just steps from our site, and color with his chalk.

My parents arrived that evening with their bigger trailer for all of of us to sleep in...
and brought with them, my sister and her friend Elissa.
And my sister-in-law, Randi and her 2 babies.  (Ellie and Gunner)

Saturday, we woke up and had breakfast.
(my favorite part about camping)
The kids rode their riding toys and threw more rocks...
And then we headed to Arbuckle Wilderness...

If I'm honest, it probably wasn't worth the money...
But the kids loved it.
And that's really all that matters!

My favorite part of our drive through-- by far-- was watching everyone try to evade the emus and ostriches!!
Lance almost broke his neck trying to get away from one and I laughed so hard.
Then we saw one coming up on my sister and Elissa...
We very well could have warned them...
but we didn't!
I grabbed my camera, and held my tummy from the giggling!!

Don't worry...
Karma caught up with me!

When I was trying to get a picture of the girls hand-feeding the giraffe, I was shocked to see a squeamish- beak 2" from my ear.
I screamed and jumped and bopped my tiny baby in the head with my camera with my panic attack.
He was fine.
And these were the best pictures I got!

After our drive through, we stopped at the picnic tables for lunch.

It was hot.
And the kids didn't eat all that well.

But they played their little hearts out.
And what more could you want?!

After our day at Arbuckle, we headed back to the lake.

We didn't bring the kids bathing suites...
but Gigi said that was okay.

We pretended that we didn't look a bit trashy!
The kids had the time of their lives!!
We grilled burgers and steak and veggie kbobs for dinner.
Grilled pineapple.
Baked beans.
Chips and homemade salsa.
And my famous spiked punch!

After dinner we ate the Mother's Day cake my sister brought.
The kids played until dark...
And then crashed.

We followed suite.

We made it home around 4:30 Sunday, and then went to meet Lance's mom for dinner.

Our weekend getaway was a great mother's day gift.
It definitely trumps the standard Hallmark card!


  1. sounds like a blast! And I would have paid money to see everyone with the Emus & ostriches! (sp?) lol I can't wait to see y'all!

  2. Oh goodness, I'm totally jealous. That looks like so much fun. AND I can't even imagine taking a newborn are brave and I admire you for that. I swear I stayed home with Boyd for months, afraid to take him anywhere. You guys are so much fun and I loved all of the pictures. :))

  3. "We pretended that we didn't look a bit trashy!" - that sounds like something that would have come out of my mouth! I laughed so hard! The innocent kids playing in their underwear is precious. I swear there are no pictures of me from the age of 2-6 that I wasn't in my panties. We had a lake house out in the woods - my brother and I lived in our underwear.

    You are such a trooper! Bex seems so laid back and easy, but for you to be up and going so much is amazing. I was so sore for about 6 weeks the thought of walking around the mall (much less going camping)terrified me. You should change your name to Super Mom!

    Love the pictures and the story.

  4. I have no idea where all of the comments on this one went... I didn't delete them, so I assume it was a Blogger blurp?!