Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy one month birthday!

Beckham Harold Erwin
Already you have brought a million blessings to us.

I love you a billion.
And each minute of your life, 
I love you a trillion more.

You sleep alot.  (Mostly during the day)
You cry very little (although it is the sweetest sound when you do)
You love your booby milk. (however mommy is not completely pain free yet)
You're growing and changing every day, right before our eyes.

You are starting to coo,
and even smile from time to time...
(but it is difficult to catch on camera.)

Though I am ready to sleep all night, 
I would rather slow down this clock of life.

Today you are 1 month old...
Tomorrow I will be planning your third birthday.
 Just like your biggest fan, Maddox.
The other apple of my eye.

Happy one month birthday Bexy-boo!

the happiest momma in the world.


  1. What a FAST month, and stunning little boys you've got there!!

  2. Holly- your little guy is so darn CUTE!! Love the bath photos! And the one of him sleeping with the little smile...and the first one...and the one with big brother. Ok, I like them all! One month already??!

  3. I can't believe he is already one month old. It is so sad how fast it goes. :( LOVE all of the pictures of your sweet little man, and especially the one of Maddox kissing him. Happy one month Bex!!

  4. It truly does go by fast, doesn't it? I swear you were just in labor!!! Congratulations on a happy and healthy family Holly. You are so beautiful-inside and out. <3

  5. Happy one month birthday. Oh, he makes me want another baby. You do have 2 precious boys!