Monday, May 16, 2011

Lance's should have wrote this...

It would have been better that way.
Since its his heart I'm spilling...
I'm just standing behind him shaking my head in agreement.

[This is for you Libby (and Amanda and Wendy) who asked me to blog...]

I promised I would journal today, but I really didn't know what I was going to say...
I'm not overwhelmed with any feelings of mushy-ness, pissed-off-ness, anxiety or what-not right now...
Nothing new to document, really.

Beckham still isn't sleeping all that well...
But he's 3 weeks old.

He's eating.
And growing.
And doing just what a boy his age should be.

And I am learning to live on less sleep.

Maddox isn't acting great.

But, if he's well rested-- he's good.

And I'm learning to let go of the small things.

Lance still has 11 days left of paternity leave.
I have more-than-enjoyed our time off together.

However, some days I think I am ready for him to go back.

Other days I don't know if I can do this alone.

Tomorrow, my friend Kristen is driving a million miles to come play.
I haven't seen her since we visited them, this fall.
I should have plenty of pictures to blog once they leave.
We are excited to see them!

Lance mowed the yard earlier,
preparing for their arrival.

I anticipate some fun in the sun for our babies while we catch up!

When he came in, he was telling me how Maddox was following him around everywhere,
and telling him they were best friends.

He was watching Maddox play in the dirt...

and run...
and kick his ball...
and throw rocks...
And get filthy  (causing him to need yet another bath today.)

He said he realized that this is pretty close to the American dream.

Of course we don't have the money that the typical American dream calls for...
but what's money?

There's no price tag on what we have.

We both miss our nicer, newer, cleaner, home in Haslet...
but we will miss this land, this space, and the fresh air more than anything.

If we were going to stay here,
there are things we could do to umph it up a bit...
but since this was always a temporary move--
we didn't put in the extra work.

Lance was saying that he feels like this was perfect...
that we may not be rich,
but we are happy,
and have a good marriage,

and perfect boys,
and are living the dream.

I guess he's right.

Maybe I should let him blog from now on!  

But for now...
both boys are asleep.

Just like this.

I think I might join them.


  1. Holly BEAR! This last picture made me giggle!! How funny! I didn't literally mean drop what you are doing and blog, HAHA. But I'm glad you did. I can't believe Maddox fell asleep like that and Beckham looks so itty bitty! and precious. I can't believe my 21 pound chunk used to be that small. You will do FINE when Lance goes back to work. Trust me. If I managed to do it, you can too. <3 you

    Umm, by the way... your boobs look awesome.

  2. Love all the pictures! Lance is right, y'all are doing it big - who needs money? I also love the last picture!! Cori NEVER falls asleep anywhere besides her bed. Not even the car. Beckham looks soo tiny! I can't wait for my wittle boy! You and Kristen have fun catching up!! I bet it's much needed! I agree with Libby too, nice cha cha's! And lucky you for being so thin only 3 weeks after having a baby! I'm envious of you!

  3. A. Obviusly I was exhausted when I wrote this... I just read the title, "Lance's"?! What?!
    It's crap. We can be honest with eachother. I wasted your time! :) Sorry about that. I'll do better next time!

    B. I should have waited until today to blog and I could have ranted on Lance and the fight we had during the night after I threw a hissy fit. Beckham stayed awake from 1:00 am until 3:00. I waited up watching tv with Lance for that 1:00 feed so I didn't go to bed until 3:00am. I am tired. Yes, I threw a fit. Mayyyybe I cussed. Grunted. and cried. Get over it. He told me to go sleep on the couch. I should have given him a fat lip.

    C. Maddox always sleeps in the car. It is like instant-sleep for him!
    Sometimes we aren't even out of the drive way yet-- seriously!
    but it is a long drive way! ;)

    D. When I respond to your comments on here, does it tell you? It doesn't tell me when other people comment below me on other blogs, but I noticed that sometimes yall come back and answer me. Sometimes my friend Nicolle's messages come to my inbox. I still don't have all of this blogger stuff figured out, and I was just wondering if there is a way to be notified if someone responds back.

    E. I better go make some cupcakes for the girls... they are about an hour away!!

  4. I love the pics. (and since I am a teacher I won't comment on your na-nas lol) Your love for all of your boys oozes through the screen and brings a smile to my face every time I read your blog. Thanks for catching us up!

  5. Beckham has already change so much love the pics!

  6. I dOnt get notified about any comments, I just always check back....