Sunday, August 1, 2010

catching up

I'm not really in the mood to blog... but I have nothing else to do today-- so here goes!

Let me re-cap the week!

Last Saturday:
I went to my friend Melissa's house (the mom of the triplets) and hung out with her and her husband, Wendy and Mark, and another couple-- Mark's step brother and wife. (whom I had never met).
I smelled a candle... that was lit... unbeknown to me.  

And spilled my pina colada down my dress.  

And I watched a girl that I had only met that day, and still can't remember her name, spank my kid for throwing a ball in the house.  I held my tongue because I didn't think it was worth a fight between me and my best friend Wendy but it still blows my mind a little.
I like to think of myself as an outspoken-- fight for my kids type-of-mom... but I did nothing.  I think I was just shocked.
But WOW?!

We went to Six Flags.
It was hot.  And I am not.
I would ride a ride and then have to sit out 2 to catch back up.
I was sweaty and nauseous all day.
It seriously makes me sick re-thinking about it.
We were really impressed by the outfits people choose to wear in 1 million degree heat... and at the lengths some people go to, to win the most ridiculous prizes!
I mean seriously, WHAT are they going to do with a 7' tall banana with dreads??  And how much money did they spend trying to get that thing?  sheeesh!
I guess I am getting old... It wore me smooth out!
But it was nice, having a day to myself.

My mom also made it home from London on Tuesday.
Maddox got this shirt from her airshow:
And I got a bag from Harrod's and this piece of china.
And Lance got a cap from Stonehenge.

We went to Grapevine to fill mom's craving of Mexican food!  And I got an Otterbox for my phone.  I let Maddox play with it a lot... Lance thought it should be protected.

I worked a little, and met mom in Boyd for more... Mexican food!  Maddox was just tickled pink to be back in touch with his Gigi!
The roach on the wall made us all a little queasy and made it difficult to enjoy our fajitas!

I waited until 1:00 for my UPS box from the  (I'll post pics of my 3 dresses later!) My friend Melissa went by and picked it up for me so I could finally leave.
We layed by the pool all day....

My mom and David grilled T-bones, baked potatoes, Mexican corn and green beans for dinner.  And mom and I made some Kahlua Coladas.  They were fab!

My sister and her friends came and picked me up about 9:00 and we went out to Reunion.
Lance met us when he got off, at about 11:00.

Reunion, when you are in high school, is what you look forward to all summer.  People own cabins out there, and decorate them up for contests.  The people who own them, have had them forever-- passed down through generations even and they rarely come up for sale.  In HS, everyone from all surrounding towns come out to drink-- secretly in your Sonic cup, listen to live music-- typically some home-town kid or a guy you have never heard of, and hang out.  It seems as there was always a little drama, but most things in HS have a dab of that!
Then you graduate, and you can drink without it being secretive, and its not that cool anymore.
But this year Brandon Rhyder was playing (I still have no idea how they pulled that off) so we went.  I love Brandon Rhyder, it was great.  A lot of people that I went to HS were there and it was fun to chat and catch up!
We got back to mom's at 2 and I didn't fall asleep until 3:00. 
And my alarm, at 6:30, was WAY too early!

Trying to get out at my my mom's was tricky too.
These 2 little rascals were guarding the clicker, and in my super-tired brain decided it was easier to drive through the hay field and use the manual gate!!

After work, I went back out to Paradise, to get in my my parents and head to the lake.
The boat wouldn't start (first time EVER to have issues with it) so we headed back to moms.
Ate sandwiches.
Swam again.
And let buddy play with the water hose.
We watched 'Remember the Titans', and then came back home in time to meet Lance.
Have I mentioned how excited I am to have my mom home?!

Maddox is running around naked as a jay bird.  It is much easier than me having to pull down his underwear for him.  He thinks he's pretty cool because he can go without telling me...  Lets just hope he keeps it all in one of the 3 potties!
He smacked the lid to his baseball potty down on his peetie earlier, ran to me crying and asking me to kiss it.  I said no, but a big hug made it better!!
I love the innocence of kids.  He has no moral boundaries yet.  And that's good.

He has the cutest little tan line.  Even with 70 SPF, his bottom and thighs are white as can be and the rest of him is tanned like his daddy.

The boat is fixed.  Some switch?
Hopefully we can get back out next weekend...


  1. Great blog! you sound busy and tired, like me!!

  2. First off... Nice picture of pina calado down your face!! lol!! Sounds like you had a busy week. I have been waiting on the Otterbox for the Iphone4. I haven't been to Six Flags in probably 15 years but I can only imagine how miserable it was. I could never get into the reunion thing in high school. I still don't get it. What was your mom in London for? Cute dresses by the way. Good luck finding gold shoes that don't look too gawdy.

  3. **It was actually hot wax all down my chin!!! I picked up a candle to smell it and didn't realize it was burning--- THEN I poured pina colada down the same dress.
    I was a hot mess!

    **My mom was working in London. She works for Lockheed and she was chosen to work a "global" air show. She got to fly in a c130 and was paid to travel London-- My dad and sister flew out for a week of her 3 week stay and they made a vacation out of it... it was an all around good deal!

    **Thanks on shoe the luck!! It may be tricky to find the perfect shoes for that dress--- but I love a challenge!!
    I'll surely post the winner! ;)