Monday, August 16, 2010

a week full...

I still have to go back to Sunday at some point...
I will.
It's big.

Was simple.  We met the Byford's for a last minute birthday lunch.
Then I worked.

I kept Kristen's girls while she ran errands.  We got to chat a little in between appointments, and we are looking forward to our vacation to see them in a few weeks!
Lance and David went to pick up our Ranger tickets (thanks Dave for getting those for us) and then went to the Cowboys practice at the stadium.  Lance had a great time.  (but he didn't take pics)

I worked that night, so Mom kept Maddox for me again... well, he basically lived with her this week. 

Lance and I ran errands around town.  

We had to buy the gifts for all of our parties on Saturday.
We met Kimberly and Cambrie for lunch at Chilis... Tony Romo's dad was set right next to us.
I was going to take a picture, but Lance shot down the idea.
That night we (myself, Lance, Tommy Clutter, Allison, and Karleigh) went to the Ranger game...
The Yankees won.  :(
It was one million degrees.  Double :(
It didn't go into over time, thankfully.  :)
And we set in the 'all you can eat' section.  Triple :)
We drove back to mom's after the game, and stayed the night there.

I am racking my brain, but I can not remember a single thing about Thursday.
I know I worked that night.
I know Maddox made a huge mess in a dining room chair.

But that's all I remember.
Wait, I do remember, that at about midnight Thursday night, I randomly looked at my calendar to see that I was working Friday morning.
I rarely work during the day, so I had completely forgot about signing up for that.
Glad I looked.

I worked until noon.
I came home to get Maddox and then went right back to Fort Worth to run a few errands for mom.

I picked up my ring that Lance bought me over 2 years ago. 
I love this ring! 
He got it when Whitehall was going out of business, just because he's sweet.
And he got a killer deal on it.
2 years later, it is sized!
Maddox and I tackled the mall, Target, Walmart, and the Dollar Tree, all without a stroller.
Shopping with a 2 year old, without a stroller-- is like driving a car without a steering wheel.
Mostly impossible..... but he did great!
He was rewarded with ice cream from McDonalds.

I had intentions of going to 3 birthday parties for 4 kiddos.
Unfortunately, I didn't make it back to Bridgeport for little Landry's party.
I was spent.
David bought a new truck Saturday, so thankfully mom met me at my house (while he was signing up the paperwork) rather than me having to drive all the way to Paradise and then right back to Fort Worth.
[Lucky for Pop, the truck was Maddox approved!] 

But most things with Pop are approved by my boy!

It gave me more time to get ready for the Burlesque themed night.

One of my best friends from high school (Katie LaFreniere) is marrying her high school sweetheart on October 9th.  We had a shower for her in their suite and then on to 8.0 fir dinner.  (Thanks to Aunt Missy who hooked me up with the Passion party 'supplies' for my gift... I followed the instructions of the invitation which said this wasn't your typical lingerie shower, but I have to admit-- I was one of few who did follow the rules-- making me look like I was wild!) 
I left after dinner, but I'm pretty sure the rest of them tore the town up!
Wish I could hang.
But I was way too tired.

I drove out to mom's and stayed the night again.

Maybe this should have gone under the Saturday column?
I sat with Katie's mom at the shower because other than her sister, I didn't know many people there.
We were chatting and I mentioned that we live in Haslet. She said they were looking to rent in this area but needed to get in quick and asked if I knew of anything. Without thinking, I popped off and said, "cover my mortgage, and I can be out in 2 weeks..." and she said it sounded good. I talked to Lance, and he's all for it-- and she called Sunday to make sure I was still on board. They are coming Tuesday to look at it.
I'm worked myself crazy yesterday... Moving tv's and other things I shouldn't. But trying to get things in order!! 
My sister and Karleigh came for reinforcement... but everyone is still sleeping now.

Today: we will finish scrubbing, and hopefully they will want to rent it.
We will save $4200 over the next 6 months by moving to Paradise, not to mention we will be in the country, on 80 acres of land, close to mom.
We would have to be out by September 1.
In case you are in to math, that is a little over 2 weeks.
Then we leave for vacation September 7.
What a wild ride we are taking on...
But if it all pans out, I think it will be worth it.
Stay tuned!

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