Sunday, August 8, 2010

what a weekend!

Friday we bought a car.
I really like it.
Its $100 less a month.
And cheaper at the tank than my Tahoe.

Maddox did great at the dealership... but Friday's experience was far less stressful than Wednesday's.
Our sales man gave him a couple of cars, and he found a ramp.
Enough said.
I love my pearl white Murano.
It drives like a car.
It has some upgrades.that my Tahoe didn't have
*leather seats
*backup camera
*dual DVD players
*Bose 6 disk CD player

But its a bit more snug.
I don't think I'll notice the difference in room...
but Lance may.

I was on call Friday night.
Maddox and I met my parents for dinner in Decatur.
Casa Torres is yum, and its one of the few places I can order tortilla soup, cut the chicken!!
The rain was nice, and the 75 degrees that came with it was even nicer.

Saturday morning I worked.
We went to the lake when I got off.
I got my mom on the toob!  And Maddox sat on it a minute too!
We had sandwiches and watermelon.
Although Maddox fed most of his melon to the fish!
The lake was so smooth and not crowded at all.
It sure didn't feel like a Saturday.
We couldn't have asked for a better day to knee board.
I conquered my first complete 360 on the knee board Saturday.
I can get backwards but I always flip back towards the boat the same way I got backwards.
This was a complete circle.
Here's the video of me busting just after I completed it.
My mom is great at a lot of things.... videoing is not one of them!

 Sunday (the most eventful of all of our weekend days) we took my father in law to breakfast.  He is about to go out of state for a bit to work and we wanted to have some time with him before he left.
He and Lance are going to the range Tuesday, so we went to Cabela's after breakfast for some 'gun-stuff'.
Came home and cleaned my couch with a professional carpet cleaner, and then did nothing.
Luckily my house is already pretty clean, but I need to get up now so that I can get the house clean-clean before Lance gets home!

The most eventful part of our day today, deserves its own post.
Stay tuned for that.  ;)

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