Saturday, August 21, 2010

We are moving!

Today our potential renters came to see the house
one last time...

They scoped, prodded, and questioned me too...

but signed!
(well, we shook hands on it... the renters are my best friend from HS parents.  I'm not even collecting a deposit.  Contract yes, but no money down.  And we didn't have to put anything down either.)

They are going to fill out the paperwork and get the first month's payment to me next week!!!

So that means...
I have 10 days to get this house, and 3 years worth of collected crap, packed and out of here.

We are excited about our new (but very old) farm house.

We love the view from the back den, over-looking a field of 50 acres and cattle, and the pond for our little boy, and we could literally walk to my mom's.  Well-- it would be a long walk, since they live on the 160 acres backing up to this piece of land... but it could be done!

I am excited about taking on the adventure of turning this house into something that is ours.  There is tons of character in this old farm house... and I think I can make it cute.

If not, the money we save on this crazy idea that we've embarked upon, will be worth it!

I'm sitting here, thinking about what I need to be doing.  But I'm not moving.  I'm sitting.  Overwhelmed.


  1. That's so exciting...I am so glad for ya'll! Good luck!

  2. SO exciting!! I can't wait to sit and visit with y'all!