Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'll go ahead and post 5 things too...

1.  These are 2 of my favorite snacks these days!
Or peanut brittle.
Or avocados.

2. We really miss Kimberly and Cambrie.
We are ready for a play date.
Maddox just saw this picture and said, "I love Cambie, momma".
[He always says the person he is talking tos name at the end of a sentence when he says something.]

3. I recently found the in the back of an us weekly.  I have looked through it a few times but never purchased anything.  But everything-- shoes, shirts, pants, bags, dresses, jewelry-- everything is $15.  Some of the names you have heard of-- some not.
I have a bachelorette party to go to in a couple of weeks and you are supposed to wear "seductive attire".
I'm not very seductive as it is but I definitely do not own any seductive clothes.
I bought this dress to wear with my cowboy boots::  its like tea stained linen... I love it!
And then I bought 2 to choose from for the party.
Keep in mind that I do not have heels on, or a bra, or my hair fixed, or makeup on or a spanx!  :)
But I think I'll probably go with this one... I really dig it.
Especially if I can find some super-cute, but not trashy, gold heels!

4. We are going car shopping this week.  I want something that doesn't drink gas like my Tahoe does.  I could live with a cheaper payment too.
Thankfully Lance does the bills now-- finally, after 8 years of me begging, and finally convincing him that I wouldn't pay another bill period-- so it isn't as important to me as it was a few months back, but I still wouldn't mind something cheaper at the tank.

5.  I can not find my small camera that I video with.  I want to video Maddox talking.  It is amazing, I think!
He now says ma'am and sir, when he is talking to strangers... and I love, love, love manners.
He talks like a grown up but in a baby's voice.
He says the funniest things and keeps me smiling constantly.
He definitely knows what he wants these days-- and is a little head-strong like his mommy!
He is ruining my dining room chair because he refuses to sit in his highchair anymore.  But I have to pick my battles!

Thankfully, he is a lover-lover... all of those demanding decisions he makes are washed away by the drive-by kisses and hugs!
He gives out a TON of kisses.
[even if he does tell you where he wants to be kissed!]
Just now he told me to kiss his chin... point taken?!

OH!  I know I said 5... but 5 reminded me of a 6.
6. I was asking Maddox random body parts during
his bath the other night.  Parts that I am sure we have
said, but never taught him.  (If that makes sense?!?)  I
asked, "where's your chin?" and he knew it...  I asked,
"where's your shoulder?", "...your heel?", "...thigh", ...etc.
But when I asked, "where's you elbow?"  He stopped,
looked at both hands, then at his feet, and then proudly
grabbed his weiney, and said, "Right here momma.  This
 my elbow!!"  --It made me laugh out loud!!  :D :) :D :)
He is a funny boy.

--And I did go ahead and show him his real elbow!!

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