Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tomorrow's high five

I think we are going to look at another car in Denton tomorrow... I have a few other errands to run while I'm out, and I go on call at 5:00. 
I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get this posted tomorrow.
So here goes.

One. Wednesday, Lance and I went and looked at a Nissan Murano in Arlington, that I loved, loaded out but smaller than my Tahoe, definitely cheaper at the tank, and about $100 less a month. But they are not giving us what we need for trade so we decided to keep looking.
I hate car shopping...
I'd rather go see my OB/GYN than shop for cars... but then again, I love my OB/GYN, I'd rather go see her than do a lot of things, so maybe that wasn't the best analogy!
[I loved me some Cracker Barrel on our way]

But I hate car shopping.
Especially used car shopping.
Especially with a 2 year old.
He was on his best behavior... but still... He's 2.  He's busy.  He's exhausting.

With my Honda and my Tahoe it was such a simple process... not a lot of headache... but both of them were brand new and I think there really is a big difference in the buying process.
I finally just had to leave.
We walked out and told them that we would call them.

Two. A few nights ago Lance and I came to bed to the sweetest looking little lamb you had ever seen, sprawled out and peaceful, in the center of our bed.  He was so still and angelic looking, he kind of took my breath away.  I got a little sappy, explaining to Lance how sweet he was and how he melts my heart and how much love I have for him.  We were talking about how he will probably always make us feel this way and how emotional (good and bad) parenting was.
With tears in my eyes, I leaned down near his face, kissed his cheek, and said, "I hope you know how much mommy loves you little man" and in his sleep, without ever opening his eyes, or waking up, he lipped --I love you too, momma; back to me.
Maybe you had to be there to experience the pure sweetness of the moment, but it seriously melted my heart.
He is precious.

side note: Maddox recently likes to tell me he loves me whole world.
Annnndd.... I think it is a fairly big honor to be loved whole world.  ;)

Three. We converted Maddox's crib into a toddler bed.

He slept in his own crib from 7 months until 18 months.  We would lie him down awake, and he put himself to sleep.  It was nice.
Then Lance started a job with nutty hours and missed him while he was away.  So-- for about a week he slept with us.  One night back to his own bed and then he got sick... and was quickly back in the middle of my king size bed.
And that is where he has been for the last 6 months.
We tried a couple of times to put him back in his crib but it was always a no-go.  He would get acrobatic on us and try to leap out... and even if we tried to wait until he was good-and-asleep, its like his sheets were made of needles... the moment his back touched the bed, he was up and screaming.
Lance hooked up a tv in his room and converted his crib into a toddler bed this week and he thinks he is hot stuff!  He loves his room all of the sudden.  ...and cartoons.  :(
But on the up-side, he has slept in his bed--all night long-- 3 times!
Each time, he wakes up crying at about 7:30-- not to get in bed with us, but because he wants cartoons on!  I turn them on and he falls right back to sleep, until his normal 10:00 wake up time!

Four. I am in a pickle as to what to do with next Saturday.
About 3 weeks ago, Kimberly texted me a 'Save the date' for Cambrie's 2nd birthday party for the 14th.  I had to work that morning but I get off around 12:30 and could definitely be there by 2:00.  No problem, excited to celebrate!

A few days later, Katie La, one of my best friends from high school, texts me for my address, for her bachelorette party, on the 14th. Same day.
I got both of their invites a couple of weeks ago, chalked out a plan, and canceled my morning of work.  Katie's having a dance teacher come to the hotel at 4:30 for lap dance lessons and then drinks at a wine bar at 6:30, dinner and then out on the town.  I'll skip the dance lesson, take Maddox to mom after Cambrie's party, and meet up with the girls in downtown FTW at 6.  Manageable.

Then I got Randi's (my SIL) invitation last week.
She is having Ellie and Gunner's birthday party together, that same day, at 11:00.

Though this is getting nutty, I think I can still get this done.
Randi's (in Alvord) at 11, Kimberly's (in fort Worth) at 2, mom's (in Paradise) by 5, Bachelorette Party (in Fort Worth) by 6:30.
Lots of rushing around, without a husband, lots of miles on the road, gas and money-- but all special, deserving people and I want to pull this off.
I can do it.
Now, today...
Checked the mail, Landry (my oldest niece) is also having her birthday party, Saturday, August 14.  At 4:00, in Runaway Bay.

Back to the drawing board.... let's see what I can come up with it!!!

Five. Five is a little edgy.  Slightly controversial.
A friend of mine posted this to her FB:
"So...supermodel Giselle thinks breastfeeding should be the law for mothers for the first six months....seriously, are you kidding me...."

Kim breastfed both her girls, but was just saying basically- what the hell does a supermodel think she can tell people when to or not to breast feed.  Or the government, for that matter.

And though I am a huge proponent for breastfeeding, I agree with her.  
Some people can't.
Some do not want to.
Bottom line, it is no one else's business.

But her post made me start thinking....
thinking about other "branches" in this topic 'tree'.
(she got 24 comments on the post, so others were sparked as well)

I responded with this:
"Maybe she's on to something?? Far fetched, but just think....
How many moms don't even try because they are low income and get formula for free anyway. Its EASIER and FREE-- so why should they try???
We, as tax payers, have to pay for WIC and other programs and MOST of the time, the people on it- are not appreciative but rather feel we owe it to them. These 2nd and 3rd generation state-funded moms (meaning their mom and possibly grandma were in the same shoes) are typically not people who hit a hard patch, reached out, and found help in their time of need, but rather those who can have baby after baby, stay at home full time, suck off the system, and feel entitled doing all of it.
(granted, there are plenty who use the system as it was intended to be used-- but I'll stick my neck out to say A huge percentage do not)
It's definitely a stretch to make breastfeeding a law, but since I deal with the demanding moms who wait until the very last day, or let it laps and call me at 7 at night demanding it be taken care of NOW, b/c their baby cant eat if I don't... (See, its MY problem), I think it would definitely benefit these type. --no everything is not just given to you because it always has been, and yes you do have to make an attempt to do it yourself...
Don't you think if they were paying for can after can, they'd make more of an attempt to try BF?
(just like if there was some sort of co-payment to Medicaid, people would stop taking their kids to the ER for a runny nose... It dang sure isn't worth my $100 co-pay! --sorry, a whole other soap box)
And then maybe, just maybe, there would be a bit more funds to help those middle of the road people who really did hit a rough patch and would sincerely be grateful for a hand of help.
--like most of America this last year.

Don't get me wrong, I know that there are a lot of people on WIC, Medicaid, CHIPS, food stamps, etc. Who do not abuse it, are truly grateful for the help, and do not feel as if they are owed a thing... But there are plenty who are not.
I see it daily.

Breastfeeding may not be the answer, but maybe a tobacco swab like they do for life insurance policies would help? Or drug tests?i don't want to pay for your kids formula and insurance so you can buy cigarettes and meth!!"


"Both of my best friends couldn't nurse their babies either... both tried and couldn't produce enough milk.
Both are great moms... kids are smart... and yes, THAT is... none of the governments business. Or Giselle's for that matter!!

I was really using breastfeeding as more of a metaphor. (explaining the idea was far fetched) but to say our system is jacked... and abused!

My husband lost his job last year and my family went without insurance for 8 months because "I made too much money" to receive any type of help... but EVERYDAY I have patients come in driving an Escalade, all 3 kids in matching Gap outfits, or reeking of cigarette smoke but demanding everything be given to them.... because they can manipulate the system.

It's dumb."

It was fun debating all sides of the topic-- hearing everyone's opinions-- but it did get my blood boiling a little.
Kim and I kid that we are going to get a radio talk show together-- I told her we could be like Rush Limbaugh, but a little cuter and slightly less educated on the topics!!  ;)  And far less annoying.

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