Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday High Five

1. Today has been busy.  I am tired.  
I was on call until 11:00 last night, worked this morning 8-12, go on call at 5:00 (until 11:00) again tonight, picking David and Al up at DFW airport here in a bit, and then work again in the morning.
I like to work.
I like to be at home too.
I love my job...
and the flexibility that I have with it.
I love that I work with some of my best friends.

(Mal worked with us today too!  But no pictures to prove it!)
...And I love when other friends stop by to visit!  (Sorry for the pokes Miss Harper!)
I love that they think highly enough of us to represent their company that they sent us to work the job fair.

We rocked it out... met some great FWP candidates and then I bribed Amanda into my long-lost craving... Golden Moon.
Unfortunately, she hated it!
But loved my parking job!! (sorry mom)
2. Maddox has replaced his bats, balls, tees, and clubs... with these.
He has a serious infatuation with "Buzz white-year" and "boody".  He never wants to watch the movie, but will not leave home without these little guys from the Ponce family!
He wants to wear his Toy Story PJs every single night.  (from the Morelands) and doesn't understand that they are dirty sometimes!
--And he's not against pulling everything out of our dirty clothes hamper when looking to prove me wrong!
Cars still tops his list of love however!
My cousin Amber got him some matchbox Cars from the movie and his Pop bought him the matching Lightening McQueen.  His hands are full, but they too, are never far from his side! 
Today he saw a trophy on TV and said, "look momma, Piston Cup!"
Like a bad mom, he gets to watch it once a day.  It puts him to sleep every time, toy cars in hand!

3. Maddox has been doing so good with his potty training.  Last weekend he went 2 days in a row without any accidents.  I am talking 14 hours in the same pair of dry underwear!  AND woke up dry both mornings following, went straight to the potty and tee teed!!  Day 3 brought an accident.  A poopy accident! 
He has been in a diaper for the last few days... we were on the go and  I don't think we are ready to tackle the undies in public yet.
But now that it is the weekend again, we will start anew.
Gigi promised to buy him some new Cars underwear when she got back, mommy's holding her to it because I saw they were 15 dollars at Kohls?!  
Lance gives me a hard time because he says some of my panties are just threads... and not in a sexy way!!!  I obviously hate spending money on panties!!

4. I love making breakfast for my family.  With Lance's schedule being so wacky, its really the only meal we can sit and eat together.
We made a big deal on his real birthday, since Lance wasn't around for the rest of the day...  And I think we may try to do a birthday breakfast tradition. 
I surprised them with homemade donuts like my step-mom use to make us when we were little, this week to celebrate such great pottying skills.  I made clear and chocolate icing and Maddox loved getting to dip them!
Breakfast, however, is just about the only thing I like with Lance's schedule!

5. My mom comes home in just a few more days.  I hope I go back somewhere near homeostasis when she gets back!  I don't think it is necessarily her being gone that is making me feel so off, but I think my need for control will be satisfied when she is back home, on US soil! 
I feel a little like I did right after I had Maddox, anxious as ever, but I can't tell you why?  Crying at dumb stuff, just feeling nutty.  My husband should not be as nice and understanding as he is, especially when sometimes I treat him more as my friend than my husband.  Blurring the lines of respect and holding my tongue.  I am just in a funk.
I think that is part of marriage.  Part of life.  Part of parenting.  Part of adulthood.
I have just been having some, "so this is it?"- type feelings.
That's normal, right?
I am not fair sometimes.  I know that... but I'll work it out.  And thankfully Lance is super-understanding.  Maybe he's been there too, but respected me too much to lay it out there, and possibly hurt my feelings? 
I took off Wednesday so that we could  spend some time together.  And I think it helped some.  Our schedules only cross each others a  few hours each day, and during that time there are a million things that need to be done, it is rarely about us.
This will pass.
This is life.

On a brighter note... my child has been back to his sweet self this week.  
Acting good as gold.  
Precious as ever!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

  2. You are more than normal, you just voice your opinions about your "funks" more than others, which is a good thing! Maybe talking/writing it out there makes you feel better! (I hope so, at least!!) Maddox is toooooo adorable! I hope my 2nd one is a girl just for the fact that I'm not sure I'm ready for a wiener yet....but seeing him in those little plaid shorts and shoes kinda makes me want a boy....hmm...that's the 1st time I've said that since I had Cori.

    I loved the "(sorry mom)" about the parking job you did! My mom would have killed me if I parked like that, too! She would not appreciate that. But, the parking lot looked pretty empty so you were probably okay!

    Great blog, keep 'em coming!

  3. Well Casey, I hope it helps too!! It hasn't yet, but I am an all-the-cards-on-the-table type of person. No BS!! So I hope this little funk passes soon... I'm a little over it!!! :)

    The 'sorry mom' was because I was driving HER car!! She has a few more bells and whistles on her Expedition than I do on my Tahoe so I drove hers some while she was in London!

    As for the boy-- everyone needs one of each! I'm sure they both have so much to offer. But if your husband is a hands-on type of daddy-- like Lance, I hope your 2nd is a boy for his sake. It a really special thing! For both of you...
    I hope my 2nd a girl... I would love to experience both sides of the margin! But I would be just as happy with another boy too, because like you said, I know the boy-thing!!

  4. P.S. Thanks!! I LOVE his Sperrys!! There are a billion girl clothes to every 1 boy clothes... but I still find a way to make him look as cute as can be!! I just dress him like his daddy!!!