Wednesday, December 11, 2013


People are joking that we have experienced Icemagedon, here in North Texas.
Everything is frozen.

People are freaking out everywhere because their kids have been home for almost a week--
but for us, we are always all home together.
I don't have to leave my house to work--
So despite my hatred of being cold, it just serves as a free activity to wear my kids down.
I still make money.
The kids have fun...
Its a win.

I remember the snow we had in 2011 was a close catch-- but it was soft snow, not ice…

[I remember, because it lasted almost 2 weeks-- busted our pipes and I spent those days sitting by the fire at mom's, eating my weight in her cooking.
I gained 12 pounds that OB visit.
And it was 100% worth it.]

Crazy enough, my yards are still solid sheets of ice-- 3" deep and I have spent these last 6 days, in the same ice-day form.
Stuffing my face.

I was scheduled to work Saturday, but let's be honest-- I don't drive well in perfect conditions.
So, instead, we planned to go stay the night at my parents so the boys could stay there with them and not get out on early morning roads, while Lance drove me in.
Thankfully, two girls who live close to work, volunteered to work our shifts-- which was incredibly nice.
And after a two hour commute in four wheel drive Friday afternoon-- we spent the rest of the weekend playing in the ice!
…and playing Mexican train
…and eating way too much
…and warming up by the fire
…and cleaning up a vomiting baby
... and watching tv
…and taking call.

I made a couple more of those jazzy videos (that I have kind of become obsessed with)::
here, of our ATV fun on the ice:

And here, of our inside fun:

And of course I took pictures too.

We left Sunday afternoon, and came home to do more of the same...
Minus the vomiting,

Monday we stayed inside,
but Tuesday decided to venture out.

Candace had invited us to a play date at Chickfila and then to go with them to see Frozen.
First of all, my car looked like this:

So after four pitchers of hot water to each tire,
and six pitchers of cold water to my windshield--
plus a few whacks from a 2X4 I found in the garage,  (this, we won't mention to Lance)
This thing was finally drivable.

The roads were perfect but when I hit my breaks at the stop-sign on top of the Harmon Road bridge, a 2" sheet of ice slid off of the roof of my car and onto my windshield.

This is when I realized that chivalry is dead.

I put my car in park, my flashers on, and hopped out on the icy bridge to remove a Volkswagen Jetta from atop my windshield (or a piece of ice that probably weighed about the same) when TWO men, went around me-- and neither stopped to help.

I made it to Chickfila, which was capital cray-cray.
We were all 3 in Converse, which have the traction of a bobsled and their parking lot was solid ice... so that was fun.
Inside, a lady came and asked if she could have the table that our kids were still sitting at!

Candace had parked right behind me-- so close, actually, that she had to slide through our cars to make it in.
But we finished lunch, and found my car like this:

Luckily the wreck in the top left of the picture did not involve me.
It did keep me from leaving the parking lot, however, thus making us late to the movie theater and rounding the corner just in time to see the sign change to "sold out".

They went ahead and let us buy tickets...
which put us in the very front row.

A first for me.

My neck wasn't really a fan, but the movie itself was excellent-- and by "excellent", I mean I cried out loud.  (possibly more than once)
In my defense, my calender is telling me to cry about every 10 minutes or so-- and some issues my husband is having is agreeing with my calender.

The kids had a blast on the make-shift ice rink outside the theater.

We slid over to Children's Place where, with the help of an awesome and sneaky employee, I was able to get a couple of gifts I was needing.

Oddly enough, this day was a win for us.
"Crazy" just gives Candace and I another reason to laugh--
which just-so-happens to be our favorite thing.


  1. I am jealous of the snow! I really hope we get a little some this year! A nice safe snow! And I can't get the video to I need to download the App?

  2. You are Candace are adorable! I love the bond that you two have...and laughter is the best!
    This ice storm was crazy. I'm so glad that's it's all about to be GONE!