Friday, December 20, 2013


Tuesday evening, I was on call.
Two friends were beeping in about their own sick kids and the pages wouldn't stop.

My pal Krisha called in between pages and I answered.

She had just got a weird call and thought she would share.

A realtor had a client looking for our specific floor plan and there was only one for sale in the ranch.
That one, has a realtor who doesn't use MLS and they had not been able to get in touch with them.

This realtor asked Krisha why we took ours off the market and if we would be willing to sell still.
Thankfully Krisha happens to be one of our friends in real life, and she cleared it with our realtor, and gave me their info.

Mind you, it is 6:00 at night--
I am on call--
wrapping paper is spread out all over my floor--
glitter wrapping paper, I will add.
...and we hadn't been home all day so the house was a mess.

This guy had another house that he was seeing for the final time in the morning, but if we cared to, she could swing him by ours first.
I didn't even ask Lance, I just told her yes!

I did my best to juggle everything-- and Lance helped me too-- and by midnight, I called it quits.

Candace dropped Audrey off at 8:00am and I went back to work!

The realtor asked me what price we were thinking and I told her what we owed and to work it backwards.
As long as I didn't pay a dime to get out, he could have it.

I spoke to her as I was pulling out of our driveway and she said that she had pulled some numbers and since we were now selling "by owner", she thought her numbers could work.

A few hours went by and I didn't hear from her.
She had told me that she would text me when they left and she didn't.

I called Lance and he asked what her email said and I told her that I never got one from her so I assumed that it just wasn't what he wanted.

Around 4:00, I went ahead and called her.
Just in case she had sent the email incorrectly, I thought I would ask.

She said, "no.  I didn't send it.  But I am about to send you another one."
"yes, he wants to make an offer."

How crazy is this??!

And by the looks of it, we might actually make a little cash.
Less than $1000, but we were prepared to loose up to 2K back when we had it listed this summer.

This is HUGE!!

She said that he is a very spiritual man and the cross in our front yard (that my friend Libby's dad made for me after his daughter passed away) made him feel that he was suppose to be here.

Is this not the craziest?!?!

We signed the papers and our move out date is February 7.

I have already called Peggy and she is going to let us rent back out at the farm until we build.
It is going to be about a million hours in the car for Lance, driving that far--
but I think its a better alternative to his idea of us renting an apartment for 6 months while we figure it all out.
And it puts Maddox starting in school in Paradise.
A huge win.

I am trying to not get too excited--
since he still has 30 days to back out without losing more than $50.

I am going to get through Christmas and New Years before we start packing and taking this seriously.

I don't know why I don't want to get too excited,
honestly this is textbook for fate.

Tomorrow, Lance is going to meet me when I get off work for lunch, a movie and to finish our Christmas shopping--
and maybe try and let this be exciting.

It wasn't even for sale!!!

That's kind of big news!


  1. I read your other post this morning and I was like...she's going to leave us hanging like that?! So I came back to get onto you, and now you updated....and I'm SO stinking happy for you guys. That is a God thing for sure. What great news. :)

  2. I really expected Baby E #3 to be the big news. LOL But I have my fingers crossed the sale goes without a hitch.