Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

This year goes down as one of my favorites, solely because each of our Christmases were spread out and we got to spend more time at each place.

I can't call it my absolute favorite, however, because my husband doesn't get off like a normal job and I know he missed being with us... and we certainly missed him.

Nonetheless, we were blessed beyond measure, and thankful for that night in Bethlehem that allows to celebrate each year.
It was indeed a very merry Christmas.

We started with Christmas with Lance's mom on last Sunday::

We went to his Granny's too, but I did not take any pictures for some reason?
They had a great time there, though.

We went to my Nana's on Christmas Eve.

Our cousin Karen, who we haven't seen since we were kids, stopped by...
it was so good to catch up!

And our home-made ornaments that we all get excited for each year, were probably my favorites yet.

We met Lance at the house after Nana's and did our best to get the boys down so that he and I could get busy.
Of course, the excitement of the night was a little too much, and that was easier said than done!

They finally gave in,
so we booby trapped the door and the hall, and got to work.

By 1:00am, Santa had left the building.

Thankfully for us, our kids sleep in...
so it was almost 9:00am before we made our mad dash into the living room.

My parents and sister made the rounds by my brother's and then our house,
and we made a big breakfast and looked through all of the kid's presents.

That afternoon we had our Christmas at mom and Dave's.
I laughed when I was getting the boys ready, because not even two years ago, I wouldn't have let character clothing through my door...
and now it (along with HOUSE SHOES) falls into the category of holiday attire, apparently?!
Second kid problems, I suppose!

Mom's was over the top, as always.
The boys were grateful for all of their gifts,
but I think they would tell you that their favorite part of this holiday season, was getting so many different opportunities to play with all of their cousins.

We played a hysterical game of Catch Phrase and called it a night.

Saturday we went to Meme's.
My aunt and uncle and cousins flew in from South Carolina this year, so that made it extra special!

Johnny came home with me and Lance took him hog hunting that night.
The kids and I went to stay the night at mom's and they ended up there too, some time early Saturday morning.
I had to work Saturday...
Lance and my brother had to help Dave build a building...
My kid's played until their little feet had nothing left to give!

That night we went to Azle to celebrate my dad's birthday at Mark Dean's.
Beckham was so tired that he never woke up to eat.
Once my Nana finished eating, she took over and gave my numb arm some relief.
He could care less!

This was a great holiday season...
And now I am more than ready to clean up the mess, start packing away the house, and prepare for our new beginnings of 2014.


  1. I love those homemade ornaments! So special! Looks like you all had a great Christmas (minus the off schedule with Lance…BOO!) and you have some awesome pictures to prove it!

  2. Holly, that was so nice! Thanx for sharing! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO U AND YOUR FAM!

  3. Holly, that was so nice! Thanx for sharing! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO U AND YOUR FAM!

  4. I'm happy that your Christmas was a good one! I'm loving all of your pictures, and disappointed in myself that I barely took any Christmas pictures this year. I'm loving your boys in their snuggly snowman pjs. I spy some remote control cars that Boyd also received 2 of.....and he's already broken both antennas. grrrr.

  5. I feel like I am finally getting caught up on my favorite blogs!!
    Your Christmas looks wonderful! Time spent with family and a lot of fun gifts. You always take the best pictures....lucky boys you have.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!